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  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    Ive also noticed I get revived a lot less by Guardian. Those who play her are too busy trying to be rambo with her assault weapons it seems.

  • Whats with penalties in CASUAL match making

    Seriously.... @stayfreshshoe could you chime in?

    If casual match making is casual, why am I being penalized because I wanted to drop from a game in which I was carrying my team, getting no help, and never being revived?

    I literally have a 24 hr penalty because I dropped from one game today.

    The devs need to make casual match making really casual. Why does it play like Ranked-lite?

  • Re: CMM is the future of DB... and that makes me sad


    People are offering solutions to things that they deem wrong with the game. But you just float around threads calling people salty or whiners. You dismiss people without directly addressing the points they've made.

    I've made threads pointing out how to fix Javelin, how to fix balancing issues, how to attract new players...but what do you have to say about that? You call it whining.

    And no where in your snarky useless response did you address exactly WHY this game cannot grow its player base. Its not bugs, its wasnt Nexon. Its features being removed from the game, and the devs being slow to listen to the players. The devs want to force players into corners when it comes to gameplay. And thus the playerbase remains small.

    You say any growth is growth...that its a win if there are spurts over time. Then where have those spurts been in the last TWO+ YEARS?

    The game went SIXTEEN MONTHS from the last time it had over 5k concurrent players. Where's the growth man? The game has small upticks for big patches or new mercs/maps...and then people leave again.

    There cannot be any sustained growth if devs ignore players when we tell them how to make the game better.

    @watsyurdeal just pointed out that rented servers can revive the game. Why has it taken devs so long to do that? I remember during 2015 where the devs made it seem like we would never get rented servers. They just wanted to force the idea upon all the players that Dirty Bomb was meant to be a competitive 5v5 Stopwatch game.

    Meanwhile most of its players like bigger games, Objective mode, and constantly begged for private or rented servers.

    If the game is going to grow, devs need to listen to the loyal fans who've stuck around since the start....especially people from the Alpha days. Yes of course they should listen to new fans as well. But the Devs shouldnt be ignoring players and then having jock sniffers defend them at every turn, which will not grow this game.

    Ive seen people like you on the forum (and reddit) for a while....dismissing anyone who questions the direction of the game, or voices their displeasure. Meanwhile in the two years that Ive been playing...the player base remains what it is....stagnant.

  • Javelin is Air/Fire Support or shes Assault. Devs need to pick one not both

    This is how I think Javelin needs to be.

    Remove the standard straight rocket shot. And make her guided missle only. Decrease the area of effect and damage just a tad so its not an easy insta-gib like it is currently. This would make her fit in more as an air support merc. And would force her to be vulnerable to guide the missle. You know...the same way Kira is vulnerable when guiding. Also increase her cooldown, and give her a better audio and visual warning to the guided missle before she shoots

    Why those suggestions? Because all the other air support mercs cannot use their ability to instantly gib someone in a ground battle in one second. The assault mercs cannot either. All the other air support mercs have to take time to deploy their air support, and then wait for it to reach an opponent. And those mercs also have obvious sounds warning players long before the air support arrives. As well as a colored beam on the ground warning of location.

    Seems the devs were caught in two minds when creating Javelin. They made her a very good fire/air support merc, that's also a very good assault merc. They give her a straight shot that insta-gibs 1 or more people every 30 seconds. So shes basically what Fragger used to be...without the 3 or 4 second cooking time he has. And without the red trail or loud beeping/chiming noise that Fragger and Nader have.

    Dunno why devs thought it was a good idea to turn an air support merc into an overly efficient killing machine that outkills Fragger now...can instagib with a non-air attack (they nerfed this for all other mercs a year ago) along with her ammo giving ability, where she doesn't have to pause in battle to give herself or others ammo (which every other merc has to take a couple seconds to drop ammo).

    Make up your mind Devs. Is Javelin primarily air/fire support....or is she primarily an assault merc rivaling Fragger's potential?

    I have more thoughts on her primary gun, primary melee and ammo ability....but that's for another thread. But they all add into her being way to good at rivaling both the best fire and assault mercs of the game.

  • Peaked out from a corner with Javelin & double gibbed 2 people today. Thanks SD

    Title says it all.

    Jav needs a nerf. It makes no sense that shes the only merc who can insta gib during ground battles without any air support or much warning for the other team. That dual instagib was ridiculous