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  • Re: New Merc: Guardian

    She does not sound Korean to me at all btw

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    Buff for sure

    1. No healing ability
    2. Drone has a cooldown that just doesnt fit the ability. Too short imo. And I still get plenty of air strike kills.
    3. Kira laser takes out the drone easily, and the laser remains as equally devastating as before Guardians release. Especially on maps like Chapel.

    tbh, Guardian is easily forgettable, and not someone I would play often. The new gun and melee weapon that you get with her only has limited Wow factor. It goes away after a few games with her.

    She's useless in ranked I believe. You're much better off with a good Sawbonez, Sparks, or Aura....along with teammates that use their eyes and ears to listen for air strikes.

    Forgettable merc is forgettable.

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    Ive also noticed I get revived a lot less by Guardian. Those who play her are too busy trying to be rambo with her assault weapons it seems.

  • Re: Javelin Ammo Range

    Javelin should have to work to give ammo. It shouldn't be auto matic.

  • Should Javelin have to work/press a key to give ammo?

    Simple question. I personally feel that even after Jav's nerf to how much ammo she gives...I hate the idea that she automatically gives out ammo.

    Its like playing fire support with kid gloves. It takes no amount of coordination with your team or effort on the part of the Javelin player. She's already the only fire support merc that can reliably kill groups of people indoors and at choke points rather quickly. Maybe a very good Stoker can time his ability well...but its rare for molotovs to get multikills indoors.

    My thing is, if she already has a very good primary ability...why shouldn't she have to work to give ammo like everyone else does? If every other fire support merc has to remember to constantly drop ammo packs and stations for their teammates, why shouldn't javelin?

    Why give her an ability sort of like Pheonix....but automatic? Pheonix healing pulse isn't an auto heal...now is it?

    ** And what other merc in the game has a passive ability that takes not a single Keyboard press to do? Serious question.