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  • Re: Some new game mode ideas(you can suggest too)

    We've made a new type of stopwatch that is 5v5. In this game mode:

    • There is no 3-merc squad in pre-selection, however, potentially all mercs are available.
    • A player can only choose any merc only in the class type. (unlocked mercs are not included in a player's available merc pool queue).
    • No player can have the same class type in the same team (every class type is represented). If a player intends to switch class types, a Swap Merc Type flag is raised and as soon as someone else agrees to swap with the player who raised the flag, they switch roles and all mercs in the new type becomes available to the player who swapped role.
    • No two players can play the same merc, even if they're on opposite teams
    • A player cannot choose the available loadout for the merc in play. The system will randomly choose which loadout available in a player's inventory
    • All skins to be used are bronze tier only

    This game mode is not for the un-initiated and this was designed more for the experienced player who are advanced in their gameplay and is looking for the next level objective match gameplay. The reason for such game design is to get the experienced players out of playing the meta loadout of any merc and use more skill in fulfilling the role of the merc.

    I'm thinking of other ways a player can be challenged (by randomizing 1 of 5 possible roles at the start of the match) and see how things will pan out.

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  • Re: Plz let every class ruin games

    There are no snipers in the game of Tetris

  • Re: Combating the toxic

    Do the tutorial

  • Re: Anyone else notice Thunder isn't being played?

    The storm just cleared... but I saw Thunder's flash blind 2 enemies in close proximity to Guardian's Skyshield despite it being up. Turns out that the flash bang exploded outside the Skyshield's reach.

  • Re: Should SD give Guardian's drone a name?

    I heard he's called SkyShield