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  • Re: Contoller Support!

    mate, this game isn't the console type of game.

    aim assist will expose the game to exploits, so please


  • Re: It'll be interesting to see

    @doxjq said:
    The last update was the last straw for me. Haven't touched the game since. Pretty sure most of the Fsn guys uninstalled with me. I could count the ones still playing on one hand. That says something too, when you consider how dedicated we were last year to growing a competitive community and how much we all loved this game.

    Dirty Bomb has just been like a bad marriage. You want to hold on but there's only so much nonsense you can tolerate. Adding a whole bunch of bs RNG to gun battles (fkn lmao @ horizontal recoil) is just too much for me to take this game seriously anymore. I don't disagree balance changes needed to happen, but this was just the wrong way to go and it seriously concerns me that so many people disagree.

    Never seen so many veterans quit before. Some of the most hardcore guys clocking in 60-70+ hours a week have just gone cold turkey. That really says something about the last update. No amount of new content is going to draw back the hardcore players either, and I have a feeling that new content is all we're going to see between now and release. The game needs balance, but it also needs to feel fun, and right now the guns feel like trash so all fun is gone.

    This is exactly why I feel so bad about DB right now. I just feel that I don't want it to come from me because I was in the same situation with a game I left 3 years ago. It got out of beta, but developers have sold the rights to another company and the new owners ran the game to the ground (I guess I bailed out before the ship sank). DB is coming out of beta soon, I'm still at it, and it's that sinking feeling behind the back of my head that I've been ignoring and turning away from all the time if I keep seeing proof. I keep getting warned, but I'm ignoring it and in a state of denial at the moment. I guess I'm too deeply invested in it.

    After the weapon skins announcement, I fear for more disappointed players.

    @GatoCommodore said:


    When you get invited to the PTS, NDA is mandatory. If you're a content creator, you should be able to discern things written in the fine print. And as a content creator, you'll need to cater to your audience and if your audience suddenly finds something not to their liking, you'll end up in conflict and have the potential of losing your audience as an asset. This creates a dilemma and you'll be forced to broadcasts as governed by said agreement and not as you would in an unrestricted cast.

    I was a huge fan of a few DB content creators then... but they've gone flat as of late... there are still a few of them out there, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore.

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    I honestly think this balance update needs more thinking through...

    I reckon the falloff of players will hurt the game tremendously.

  • Re: Some weaknesses of ranked and DB as a whole

    You forgot LATENCY distribution balance.

  • Re: Ranked points : too hard to earn ?

    bottom scorers should get 10 credits for a losing match;

    rage quitters should get -20 credits

    you know what should be done to hackers.