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  • Re: Give concepts a rest, what about skin/ obsidian suggestions?

    What about some MiB/X-Files parodies? That and Redeye dressing up as MGS4's tuxedo costume for Solid Snake.

    I don't think this would fit on all mercs sadly...

  • Arrowroot - Fire Support

    "Biologist. Tactician. Accountant. Mercenary. These all sound like supportive roles, but my techniques look out for my bottom line, not yours."

    "Arrowroot" is a veterinarian experienced in the impoverished countries of both south america and the middle east, reaching as far and deep as Somalia, India, Paraguay, and Syria. She grew old from her time in the tropical heat, but developed a very peculiar set of skills. She is experienced in poisons, being able to turn the medicines found often in the field against her opponents, and she also is conditioned to the sun and has found ways to deal with radiation.

    However, she doesn't give this knowledge willingly, and is suspected of terrorism. Don't expect to pry these secrets out of her through force or through money.

    She joined MercServ because of pure, highly-caffeinated blackmail, served on the side of a serious piracy and drug smuggling business. She registered in MercServ with an offshore company to increase her opportunities and get past the authorities.

    Needless to say, we have her under our thumb.

    She has a set of abilities that are fairly interesting to boot. She never goes to the field without her tranquilizer rifle, has discoloration on her skin, but refuses medical attention. She also has claustrophobia but carries really close range weapons.

    Besides her tranquilizer rifle, she uses these weapons:

    Hurstall 2K

    Tolen MP

    Beckhill Combat Knife

    Physical Exam Results:
    Stability Examination:

    • MercServ put Arrowroot through a series of tests to determine the point in which wounds start to cause problems for a person's physical well-being. "Arrowroot" took the challenge well but was surprised at how terrible her results were.
    • The typical MercServ test for this vector is through putting that person in a "burn room", where large amounts of fuel are laid around the room in a safe manner, meant to determine how long a person can sustain normal function when oxygen is removed and heat is applied.
    • She lasted 10 seconds, flat. The longest a person lasted in that test is 20 seconds, but that's only impressive because oxygen concentrations and temperature increases on an exponential basis. Arrowroot refused to do service for a month after that test. That was how MercServ was able to force her to license one very common piece of technology to them.

    Agility Examination:

    • MercServ fortunately tested her movement abilities beforehand, putting Arrowroot through the Assault Course. Her average indoor running speed was recorded as 4.3 meters per second.

    Q - Tranquilizer Rifle
    Arrowroot carries a specialized tranquilizer rifle that can be loaded with any poison to incapacitate an enemy. Most poisons can be countered with a proper antidote, but Arrowroot uses one that acts quickly, in small doses, and is incurable except with time. The side effect to this chemical weapon is that it can't kill, only seriously torture. It doesn't last very long either, but when in effect it removes all voluntary muscle ability.

    Maximum time span measured for Arrowroot's drugs to take effect is two seconds, and the minimum amount of time that it lasts is five. It can't be cured through any means and when hit with a dart it is recommended to back away from the fight, if one can.

    Headshots deliver a lethal dose of poison that absolutely require medical attention if a merc wants to return home alive. The only way to remove the poison before that death sentence is through physical means.

    E - Ammo Packs
    Arrowroot chews through ammo. Literally. To complement her high-rate-of-fire weapons she carries a lot of ammo packs, and has the ability to regenerate them over time. It's the only technology she is known to monetize to MercServ, servicing specific people with a portable and endless supply of bullets.

    Passive - Outdoor Conditioning
    Arrowroot recovers more quickly from wounds outside than inside for some reason. In fact, twice as fast compared to what most people normally do. She even moves 0.5 m/s faster outdoors in wetland territory than inside a paved underground corridor. Most medics are astonished by her talents but she doesn't share her secrets.

    MercServ's description file for people that need to lose their jobs:

    Health: 100
    Speed: 430

    Primary Classification: Fire Support
    Primary Weapons: PDW Class
    Secondary Weapons: CMP Class

    Tranquilizer Rifle
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Delay: 2 seconds
    Duration: 5 seconds
    Special: On headshots, poison - 20 damage per second for duration of status effect (lethal)

    Outdoor Conditioning
    x2 health regeneration speed
    Halved health regeneration delay
    Movement speed buffed to 470

    Extra: Ammo Packs

    -MercServ Files

  • Re: Since the FEL-IX is useless now, can Aimee got a MoA?


    I highly dislike recons being the only classes that snipe and have 3 sniper classes out of 4 already.
    Can we just make Aimee use another weapon entirely?

  • Re: Aimee and Vasilli are kind of the same

    Make Aimee an assault with three charges of Jarate and Aura speed.

    I blame Aimee for ruining sniper rifles. Especially the Grandeur.

  • Fire Support - Draco and Driftwood


    Draco has a mind for strategy and an addiction to firepower. However by now he's an old @$!# that has too much love for vintage stuff, so he's retired from the military. Unfortunately, his pension doesn't pay enough for him to keep up his extravagant lifestyle, so he decided to go to mercenary work to pay the bills.

    Since he's such a cold-blooded killer, Draco loves being out in the sun. So much so in fact that he comes equipped with a solar-powered generator that makes his abilities recharge faster. He also has a full-blown algae farm on his back, and he gives out fuel cells that support classes can pick up to recharge their healing and ammunition abilities.

    "Napoleon won countless battles because he knew every resource was valuable. I follow his practice."

    Draco also comes with a powerful explosive gauntlet that is capable of taking out enemies in melee range, and can cause dents in vehicles and objectives.

    Draco is a sniper class that comes equipped with SMGs as secondaries, and has heavier melee weapons.

    But he has a very clear weakness: he actually needs those weapons to survive. He can't take a lot of damage and is very slow-moving.

    So, with all that information in your head, here's what the character's stats look like.

    HP: 90
    Speed: 385

    Primary Weapons: FEL-IX, MOA, PDP
    Secondary Weapons: KEK-10, SMG-9, Hollunds 880
    Melee Weapons: Kukri, Katana, Cricket Bat

    Q Ability: Explosive Gauntlet
    Deals 150 damage in an explosive blast with the same range as a melee weapon. 40% of the ability's cooldown is returned when it deals damage to an objective.
    Cooldown: 25 seconds. Counts as an explosive ability.

    E Ability: Algae Canister
    What does it do when picked up: Makes support abilities recharge twice as fast until their stack is increased 3 times or is full. Can't be picked up by anything that doesn't have a support ability.
    Cooldown: 15 seconds. Counts as a support ability. Stack limit 3.

    Passive: Vitamin D
    When out in the sun, Draco's abilities recharge 1.25 times as fast. (cooldowns become 0.8 times as long)

    "Quite the salty dog, aren't you?"

    Driftwood was a stereotypical Somalian pirate that went into the mercenary service when the market opened up. A lot of his friends followed suit, and died in an appropriately gruesome fashion. Regardless of which, Driftwood went under Draco's wing, seeking advice and becoming great friends. Unlike Draco, Driftwood prefers a much more personal approach with a close range suite, and an objective-oriented ability.

    Driftwood prefers to be on the front lines with lightweight firepower under his belt. This made him prefer shotguns and personal defense weapons, which suit his needs a lot more easily.

    Driftwood, unlike Draco, has a long-ranged explosives kit, coming from his experience in a more naval environment. He uses a vertically-firing missile launcher that can be remote-controlled to hit an area from the sky.

    He decided to take Draco's algae fuel technology and use it for his own purposes as well, but doesn't carry the whole algae farm on his back because he views it as unnecessary weight. Pirates have to travel light after all.

    With that information here's the character's stats.

    HP: 110
    Speed: 420

    Primary Weapons: Blishlock, Hochfir, (Guardian's AR)
    Secondary Weapons: Remburg 7, Ahnuhld-12, Crotzni
    Melee Weapons: Kukri, (Gaurdian's batons), Naginata

    Q Ability: Corsair Wing
    Driftwood activates a drone on his back, launching it into the sky, and dropping it onto a group of enemies, dealing tons of explosive damage. Driftwood opens up the minimap and chooses a location before firing his drone. His ability can only be activated outside and only touch down from the air. It deals as much damage as an Arty barrage.
    Cooldown: 18 s, stack limit 1

    E Ability: Algae Canister
    What does it do when picked up: Makes support abilities recharge twice as fast until their stack is increased 3 times or is full. Can't be picked up by anything that doesn't have a support ability.
    Cooldown: 15 seconds. Counts as a support ability. Stack limit 3.

    The naginata has the Cricket Bat's range but the same mobility as the Beckhill Combat Knife. The downside is that the whip doesn't deal a lot of damage, having the stiletto's light strike damage and fire delay, and the beckhill's heavy strike damage and fire delay.