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  • Re: Is Phantom poping headshots out of nowhere, a fair counterplay?

    So, the argument here is that phantom's cloak is garbage and provides literally nothing useful except against people who are flat out deaf?


  • Re: What will happen with all the Execution maps?

    Some guy here suggested glueing all 3 execution maps, into 1 long objective map.

    Transitions between maps would be difficult in that case.

  • What will happen with all the Execution maps?

    I am wondering what will happen to the execution maps after the game mode is removed. I personally liked all of the execution maps even though the game mode gets boring sometimes.

    I would honestly like a new game mode that isn't as passive as execution turned out to be, and I don't think the maps are necessarily bad. I just would like to know if the developers plan to scrap all that hard work or turn execution into something better.

  • The Primary Issue With Phantom

    Cloaks. Pubs hate them. Competitive laughs at them. Competitive cries with the saddening but anticipated disappointment when a cloaked character just can't perform compared to an explosive, combat-oriented monster known as Fragger, Thunder, Soldier, Demoman...

    The list goes on.

    So what's the big deal? Why do we have to have a cloaking character be built exclusively around going invisible?

    Taking a look at these voice lines, Phantom's character being closely tied to his cloak is an understatement.

    Phantom's primary problem in competitive play is that he is given a very incohesive, highly coupled role. His identity is reliant on his cloak in the extreme and this makes balancing his character difficult if not impossible.

    Because of this Phantom gets utility that makes his cloak incohesive and a jumbled mess that is less of a cloak and more of a lawn sprinkler. Sitting in the arctic tundra, shooting human urine over a runway.

    I think that Phantom needs to be refactored and cleaned up so that the abilities he has works together in a more useful way. Countering deployables is great and all, but I think that Phantom should not have one ability do two things that are counterproductive to each other and have that ability's effects be coupled to a certain style of play (which was Phantom's existing problem).

    Decoupling Phantom from the style of play currently encouraged for him ("sneaky" moron with close range equipment) which was proven to simply not work is the best way to get Phantom off his ass and employed for once by serious interests. (Competitive.)

    This is my main opinion on this matter and I might add more to it as I go.

  • Re: Better delete the Grandeur than let it like that

    @ThunderZsolt said:

    @parmenion59 said:
    It was aleardy pretty bad but now...

    PDP better long range, assault riffle better mid range, what the spot of this weapon?

    Better than PDP mid range, better than assault rifles long range, that is the spot...

    On the other hand, I agree with you on the shots-to-kill against 110HP mercs. 1 more damage wouldn't break the balance.

    imo assault rifles are better at long range than the grandeur