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  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    @henki000 said:

    Telemetry data is mostly junk?
    Balancing purely off telemetry is dumb?

    Do you have proof that telemetry data is junk? Do you have proof that they are balancing purely off telemetry statistic? Looking at dev videos where they explain telemetry system, they also include players opinions and dev opinions. So balance chances are not purely based on telemetry.

    Stuff about destiny

    Dirty Bomb is not Destiny. They have different devs and decicions. Different mechanics, they arent comparable in my opinion. While Destiny 1 is a pricy piece of junk for console peasants that like to RPG a FPS game, Dirty Bomb is free, competetive and designed for more mature audience. Telemetry isn't just one thing that every game uses. You can do adapting right or wrong.

    The nerf to Fragger isn't 10 HP. It's 20 HP.

    "Reduced HP to 130 (was 140)"

    we dont have proof that the data is crap but what i heard SD's reasoning for nerfing fragger because pickrate?

    it would have been true if its on competitive, but on pub? where the majority of the people is playing the game?

  • Buffing Shotguns and Nerfing Machine Pistol in the last balance update

    I dont know why one would buff shotgun again and reduce the effectiveness of the machinepistol.

    the rest of the patch i can understand but these two? really?

    Sparks already suffer from really bad Revivr and now they nerfed all the machine pistol too?

    do you know what people would do? They would just change to using pistols because its better than the nerfed machine pistols. What the hell.

  • Re: decisions, decisions....

    just make a smurf account and play like normal

  • Re: Content Creators - What do you need from us?

    Lore Master?

  • Re: Boory's Art Dump

    @BooryDarthNader said:
    Eat this cutlet bowl

    Edit: Pipimi Kira's eyes were fixed

    god i already had my fill of laugh for a week
    i think i broke my laughing box

    its amazing, just like what i imagined it to be!

    @AlbinMatt said:

    Cool, only watched really normie stuff. Any recommended anime for a beginner?

    watch the best anime ever made

    Complex joke...check
    Slapstick joke...check
    High Budget Animation...check
    High Budget Soundtracks...check

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