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  • Re: How long will the obsidians be available for now?

    @frostyvampire said:

    I consider buying Aimee because, as you probably already know, I'm a filthy sniper main. But there is no way I'm paying 15$ for a PDP.
    So I was wondering how long will they be available for? Will we get info about the new loadout system before they are removed from the store? Will I be able to combine it with my cobalt F82 in the future?

    better get the all obsidian pack/ Obsidian season pass if you havent got any obsidian before.

    considering it would be hella cheaper

  • Re: decisions, decisions....

    just make a smurf account and play like normal


    @Mc1412013 said:

    @AlbinMatt said:
    So... How is it going? The headlines are scaring me a bit, but I haven't read any article yet.

    Its basicaly dead. However new york state is prepairing a multi state lawsuit in attempt to blockp the fcc vote. Also congress can block the fcc vote as well but thats unlikely.

    Whats sad is dipshit pai live streamed the whole thing basicaly to show the world how much of a lying duche he is, and broadcast to the world that he dont care about public opinion.

    I cant wait for trump to gtfo of office him and his budies are esentialy trying to eliminate the middle class and make this a 3rd world country that only the people that have money can live hapily. First he tries to destroy the one thing that gives alot of people health insurance. Then tax increases on the middle class now his cronies destroy the one thing keeping the internet reasonably affordable and open.

    I hope no one in my cable company hates online games or i may loose my connection to db servers.

    its a bit long but please watch.

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    Lore Master?

  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    @Eox said:
    I have no clue where that meme comes from, and at this point I am too afraid to ask.

    around 0:30

    from what i get the joke is they aired beer on kids time/Prime Time


    "I recently learned of an interesting connection between katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl) and Japanese police procedures. Apparently – and I realise that this may be an urban myth — katsudon is served in police stations to people under arrest.

    A Japanese friend dramatised the whole thing for me:
    “you’ve had a hard time, you must be so tired . . . and hungry. . . We’ll order a katsudon for you” / “Oh officer yes, I am, and (sniffle) I did it, I confess.”

    Apparently the association of katsudon with a scary arrest has become so established that in some cases a simple “we’re going to order katsudon” is enough to reduce a suspect to a confessing jelly."