Haman Dindu nuffin wrong its the feddie scum fault earth gets colony dropped


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  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    yknow if SD want to nerf fragger/ add pick diversity for the sake of pick diversity they could have nerfed the grenade to only deal 100 dmg and buff the M4, K-121, BR-16 ammo/dmg

    that would make it way less spammy cheese free kill and make him more gun oriented while nader is the spammy one and thunder is the non lethal version.

    and rhino? we dont talk about rhino.

  • Re: How long will the obsidians be available for now?

    @frostyvampire said:

    I consider buying Aimee because, as you probably already know, I'm a filthy sniper main. But there is no way I'm paying 15$ for a PDP.
    So I was wondering how long will they be available for? Will we get info about the new loadout system before they are removed from the store? Will I be able to combine it with my cobalt F82 in the future?

    better get the all obsidian pack/ Obsidian season pass if you havent got any obsidian before.

    considering it would be hella cheaper

  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    yfw you know the joke in your head is not appropriate to be told and you are being torn because you know someone else might find it funny

  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    @bushyg said:

    hey, im the guy who supposed to derail discussion

  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    foillowing wholly on the telemetry data is just plain wrong way to adjust thing

    thats like saying we shouldnt drink water because 100% of humans who drinks water dies
    we should only rely to data collection for correlation and not causation.

    Fragger is meant to be Combat Oriented Merc
    he is supposed to be good on 1v1 or even 1v5 but that is his job.

    with fragger no longer sniper proof, pocket medic will have no dominant merc to be healed, support roles like skyhammer wont perform adequately and now the meta is moving to Combat laser sniper.