Haman Dindu nuffin wrong its the feddie scum fault earth gets colony dropped


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  • Re: How I think ranked could be fixed

    @spartamania302 let me get this straight

    on your opinion,
    Fragger and Fletcher is harder to get kills with
    and nothing is wrong with Vasilli?


    maybe you should know thunder Conc has bigger area since it has no damage and purely relying on weapon damage to get a kill, thats why he has extra HP. You think rhino has some kind of magic wand protecting him 24/7 thats why he gets 200HP?

    110HP on Vasilli is unacceptable. Given his arsenal is very deadly (MOA and Fel-IX can one shot most mercs on any range), his ability negates any surprise attacks/ambush on top of that he also has very good Machine Pistoleros as a backup.

    The Machine Pistol was justifiable when he was still 100HP and since he is a sniper out of 2 in the game at the time (the other one is Red Eye which is more of like a designated marksman with 120HP) he was rather made weaker since he is not designated marksman like Red Eye.

    but but fragger in team is okay right? becuz insta-kill 170dmg/18 sec is not annoying
    but but 3 sticky is okay right? becuz 3x80 insta damage is not annoying

    Thunder relies on his own gun to get kills, if his conc explode but he is not in range, pretty fat chance everybody lives

    fragger can kill with ability and burst rifle
    may i remind the people that the range of the frag grenade is very far?
    may i remind you how fragger can spawn camp with the grenade and easily kill 1 team in last stage bridge?

    if you didnt die from his nade, pretty big fat chance you will get gunned down while trying to hold that 10hp of yours

    also, theres a chance that the people playing refuse to adapt to Thunder nade and just call it broken but they definetly not banning fletcher and fragger and call bushwhacker balanced right?

    >I've been training for 5 days with a sniper now

    there you go, you havent felt how OP a vasilli is until you can consistenly pull headshots without needing to hide on the back of the map.