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  • Preview of the View-Kick Changes Coming Next Week

    In a recent Dev Q&A Video we discussed Dirty Bomb's implementation of view-kick. In this update we are making the first changes to the view-kick system, detailed below:

    View-kick (a.k.a. flinching, a.k.a. aimpunch) is a key mechanic in the gunplay of Dirty Bomb which is intended to create counter-play between weapons of different archetypes, as well as indicate to the player with a degree of urgency that they are taking damage. It is also intended to offer some benefit to the player who lands a shot first, to encourage good positional play. One of the hard-learned lessons of DB's live phase has been the risk of making changes with no telemetry, but due to our recent work in this area we've been able to take a more scientific look at the current implementation. The following are view-kick calculation changes which we hope will significantly improve the feel on the receiving end of this mechanic!

    Problem Identified:
    We have identified an issue with view-kick which would allow certain weapons to "stack" view-kick. This meant the player on the receiving end’s view would climb, rather than reset to the original position before the next shot hit.

    This only impacted a few weapons, but was particularly noticeable on the Hochfir, Hurtsall 2K and Burst-fire Rifles.

    Fixing the Problem:
    In order to address this issue, we have decreased time to recover by 40% for view-kick. This is a change that will impact all weapons, but should be a fairly noticeable improvement to the previously problematic weapons.

    This change means that all weapons will no longer be able to climb by stacking view-kick. This should make the feel on the receiving end more controllable without losing the tactical feedback.

    We will closely monitor telemetry and your feedback regarding this change once it goes live, and will iterate and improve on it as needed. As ever, please be sure to let us know what you think!

  • A Few Words (and Numbers!) on Loadout Card Crafting & Recycling

    As promised, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the philosophy behind the new Crafting and Recycling systems for Loadout Cards as well as the values behind it, so that you can dig into them yourselves before the feature is released.

    So, why the change? Our main goals of removing Trade Up and Trade In in favour of this system are:
    • To increase convenience for you all by reducing the number of transactions
    • To make the system more intuitive, while reducing overall costs
    • To give us more types of rewards that we can populate throughout the game

    So, for example, if you traded up from Leads to a Gold, in total you will have performed 69 total Trade Ups, consumed 144 Lead Cards and spent a total of 52,000 Credits. We’ve used Trade Up rather than Trade In as a basis for our new values, as it has lesser Credit and card requirements. The one exception to this is Cobalts, where we used the direct Trade In value instead as this was slightly cheaper overall.

    The New Recycling and Crafting Systems

    With the new Recycling system a Lead Card is worth 15 Fragments when scrapped. The equivalent of the 144 x Lead Cards cost for a Gold Trade Up is then 2,160 Fragments. That would make the relative total cost of a Gold Card 2,160 Fragments + 52,000 Credits in the new Crafting system.

    In the new system, 1 Fragment is worth ~16.23 Credits. This is calculated from the relative Credit value of Loadout Cards and the number of Fragments they provide when Recycled.

    Since existing players are more likely to have lots of spare Cards than Credits, we decided to offset some of this Credit Cost and allow users to burn extra cards in place of those Credits. So for the new Gold rarity Crafting Cost we reduced the 52,000 Credit Cost by 27,000 Credits to 25,000 Credits.

    Those 27,000 Credits are then converted to Fragments, which comes to 1,663 Fragments. That would put the cost in the new system to 3,823 Fragments + 25,000 Credits, which we round down to 3,200 Fragments + 25,000 Credits. The reason for the significant rounding-down here is that we have also accounted for the fact that not ALL current Trade Ups are performed entirely from Lead Cards, a smaller number have come from Iron, Bronze, & even Silver cards which were dropped from cases.

    After all that, we decided to be a little more generous with the new system so we’ve added in a 10-15% discount to the overall costs for Silver, Gold and Cobalt Crafting, ending up with a Gold cost 2,500 Fragments + 25,000 Credits.

    Recycling Loadout Cards

    Individual Loadout Cards can now be Recycled for Fragments, which are then in turn be used to Craft different Loadout Cards. They can be Recycled individually, but there are group options for duplicates, Lead and Iron Loadout Cards.

    Limited Edition Loadout Cards and Obsidian Loadout Cards cannot be Recycled.


    Crafting Loadout Cards

    As with Trade Up, you’re able to select your target Merc and rarity, and the system will Craft one of the 9 possible Loadout Card configurations for your Merc, with one of the available skins at that rarity. The Possible Contents window displays all the permutations of possible resulting cards.


    Crafting Kits

    Crafting Kits are items that can drop or be bought in the Store, and can be used in the place of Credits while Crafting.


    Weapon Kits

    Weapon Kits are very rare drops that allow you to narrow the possible resulting Loadout Card for a Craft to a particular primary weapon for that Merc. Weapon Kits are essentially vanity-only items, and can therefore only be used on the “bling” tiers of Loadout Cards: Silver, Gold and Cobalt. We plan to provide other ways to acquire them going forward, so stay tuned!


    Changes to Arsenal Crates, Equipment, Expert and Elite Cases

    We have added Crafting Kits and Weapon Kits to the possible contents of Arsenal Crates, and made some slight adjustments to the drop percentages to Equipment, Expert and Elite Cases to reflect the costs associated with Recycling and Crafting.

    We’ve also added the much-requested option to buy 5 and 10 bundles of Equipment Cases in the Store!


    We hope you find that this new system simplifies managing your Loadout Cards and makes setting goals for getting the sort of cards that you want easier. This system is much more flexible than the previous one which should make tuning it much easier, so please let us know what you think!