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  • Re: What kind of New Mission Types would be great for Dirty Bomb?

    Sorry to necro this, but it's really one of those types of threads that the forum actually needs instead of turds defending illogical jump sniping or saying the cruddy lag-comp is OK.

    I'm going to straight steal a game mode from another semi-popular F2P FPS game because it fits much better to DB's Mercenary theme versus the other game's 'mercenary' theme...plus the other game sucks.

    Cloak & Dagger : 1 player starts with 800HP playing as a Phantom, only equipped with his sword. This phantom's cloaking ability is always on at
    • 75% transparency while standing still
    • 90% when crouched and still
    • 83% when crouched and moving
    • When walking it drops to 60%
    • When running/sprinting it drops to 40%

    and when a damage threshold is taken it shatters and will not reactivate or begin to recharge unless the player has not taken damage from other players or whatever for X amount of time.

    The main objective is for the Thief to sneak inside a location being defended by a team of 6 other non-merc players (maybe that dude that got whacked by Phantom in the game trailer) in an attempt to steal and extract 1 of 3 small objectives. Defenders are not made aware of an objective being missing, so they will need to keep their eyes peeled and set up patrols to each of the objectives so the Thief can be spotted and dealt with.

    6 players (or if the teams are smart enough to split 3/3 on each objective) shouldn't have any trouble killing the cloak if they spot the Thief, and even less taking off the 800HP since most players have no issues taking a Rhino down to 80-120 by themselves (before dying to that BS lead wall spraydown).

    Only negative I can pull out of the mode is flat-out campers; people with no sight skill who'll just sit on the objective so the Thief can't steal one of the objectives. I guess some of the objectives could be in places the players can't enter (like a gassed area?) but the Thief can.
  • Re: Does Fletcher Really Need to be Changed?

    Szakalot wrote: »
    lol stop with this silly suggestions, rotfl.

    What's silly is people think 1 being grenade NEAR someone doing 80 damage is fair when BULLETS TO THE HEAD from most guns don't do that much. That's where the skill goes out the window because you only have to be CLOSE to the target, like SMGs at mid-close range, made for people who can't burst-rifle or snipe...grenades for people who don't have the balls to SHOTGUN or can't aim with Blishlock.

    Unstuck nades should do 40dmg FLAT NEAR (period, even if it was off the character by an inch), and 80DMG when stuck so you pansies don't toss them and run off because you can't hit the broadside of a barn with your rifles...reward players that actually aim and toss, not anyone.

    Every other merc has been tuned for balance and the only people stuck on stoop about his grenades are the people who purchased him for the sole purpose of freebie grenade kills without having the stigma of Nader.
  • Re: Dirty Bomb Pet Peeve!

    Trying to win a 1v1 with the Dreiss against anyone really. Damn head hitboxes are so small in this game, and everyone is so fast ;-;

    Small for anyone except Vagisilly...

    -Getting CLEARLY shot in the chest but it being a headshot because snipper riffel so coo...

    -Getting 10 AK and That-other-shatty-rifle-with-burst-fire loadouts on Skyhammer when you want the M4A1 (finally got one today...)

    -When all you can have on Aura for loadout is Shotty or the Autopistol that has a fireing rate slower than a semi-pistol and does less damage, but Vagisilly can have a rapid SMG. Means if he sucks as a sniper he can survive, but your shotty aint saving you at long rage no matter how well you do with healing: you're not important.

    -...top combat, support, and objective scoring as Medic on a team with 2 Obj-mercs.

    -Mercry above me. Opps, I mean Mercy.