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  • Re: Give Sawbonez a sawbone.

    A non-powered hand saw would actually make a pretty poor melee weapon: an edge that's not very good for slashing or chopping, no stabbing capability and not heavy / stiff enough for blunt force trauma... Against a moving opponent nasty scratches is about the best you can hope for :/

    Definitely not a good choice for the zombie apocalypse...

  • Re: Who do you believe will get the new obsidian card?

    @Xenithos said:

    @TheFluffyOne said:
    Hm, at least it's a cool looking obsidian.

    EDIT: Although the shirt under the suit looks a bit like an afterthought, for me at least.

    The shirt under the suit keeps to SD's usual half modesty. Though I mostly agree with ya.

    We're talking about a merc whose default model was re-textured to cover her mid-rift (yeah, that area between her jacket and pants used to be bare skin), so I doubt they would have let her go out with a plunging cleavage. I don't think the undershirt was an afterthought...

  • Re: Who do you believe will get the new obsidian card?

    @LoafOfBread said:
    Just make a maid/nurse sparks and I'm pretty sure @Lord_Coctus alone will buy enough of them to fund DB for the next decade

    If I was SD I would make a Sparks in baggy surgical scrubs just to frustrate all the pervs out there dreaming of her in a fantasy nurse outfit :p

  • Re: Show Off Your Halloween Skins Here!

    You bet! @CrankyPants was also nice enough to message me directly with the links. And all the pics are exactly to my preferred specifications. :D

    I think you're my new best friend @CrankyPants ;)

    First day hunting for these and I'm already down to only 7 missing:

    • Aimee
    • Aura
    • Fragger
    • Guardian
    • Kira
    • Skyhammer
    • Turtle

    On a side note, I'm also still looking for pics of these Ranked Season 4 skins:

    • Aura
    • Sparks
    • Turtle
    • Vassili
  • Re: Will ingame companies be recognized more?

    Funny timing, I've been fooling around with a new DB Genome Project signature for the SD forums (still can't have one here :():

    You've already mentioned Pirin Medical, Stimtek Medical is the logo on the regular Phoenix's helmet and butt pack, while Hülle is the brand on the Obsidian variant's chest pack.


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