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  • The DB Genome Project - Release 19.0

    Introducing the new default loadout cards for all the mercs in addition to some new Obsidan Operatives. I also did some housekeeping, updating some layout maps info and removing drop odds info from the weapon cases sheets (there simply isn't enough room on those to describe the differences between dropped and purchased cases, so that info is instead presented on the weapon cases layout map).

    Version 19.0 release notes:

    • Replaced 2nd Edition default loadouts and skin preview for all mercs
    • Added Obsidian Operative loadout and skin preview for Aimee
    • Added new Obsidian Operative loadouts for Arty, Fletcher, Phoenix and Stoker
    • Removed drop odds from weapon cases sheets (info now on weapon cases layout map)
    • Revised standard rarities loadout sheets layout map to reflect the odds and possible content of the new cases
    • Revised weapon cases layout map to include drop odds info for dropped cases vs purchased ones

    (@Eox @Kirays if you could please do the usual swap... Thx)

  • Re: Post your weapon skins from locked cases

    @l2c said:
    The FAQ has shots of the skins from cases.

    That's not all of them though, as there are 15 possible skins in each case:

    Also, if you want to see what they look like in the other finishes, the DB Genome has all the possible cards sorted by weapon types.

    Edit: The % odds shown are those for purchased cases, dropped cases lean a bit more towards the lower rarities

  • Re: Post your weapon skins from locked cases

    @boerhae said:
    Hey, can someone confirm for me, are the weapon cases still random drops, or was that just an event thing?

    I received a Royal Force case today, after the event end. Got a nice "Imperial Fade" (Silver) BR-16 in Pristine condition out of it too B)

  • Re: The DB Genome Project - Everything there is to know about loadouts

    *** Update (see first post) ***

    Another massive update, this time adding not only the loadouts and skin previews for the Nuclear Winter event, but also introducing a complete cataloging of all weapon skins, weapon cases and trinkets released so far. With nearly 40 new and updated sheets, this brings the Genome to over 100 high-resolution sheets documenting every aspects of merc customization in DB.

    (the pictures below are just a small sample of what was added in this update)

    Version 18.0 release notes:

    • Added Nuclear Winter loadouts and skin previews for all mercs
    • Added weapon skins and cases layout maps and sheets
    • Added trinkets sheets

    First post has been updated with this version.

  • Re: Who do you believe will get the new obsidian card?

    @LoafOfBread said:
    Just make a maid/nurse sparks and I'm pretty sure @Lord_Coctus alone will buy enough of them to fund DB for the next decade

    If I was SD I would make a Sparks in baggy surgical scrubs just to frustrate all the pervs out there dreaming of her in a fantasy nurse outfit :p