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  • Re: Post your weapon skins from locked cases

    @Ptiloui said:
    Hum, am i the only to think this is completely stupid and unfair ? I perfectly know this isn't the case here in Dirty Bomb, but this is exactly the kind of differences we usually see in P2W games, where odds for things you buy right from the store (so with real money or more expensive) are better than things you have to grind for hours in game. It's like if Elite Cases from the store had better odds than those you drop from Asrenal Crate.

    Buying things from the store is already an advantage compared to having to grind for hours and relying on rng. No need to make odds better for buying customers.

    Except in this case the two alternatives are not grind vs pay, both unlocked cases and keys can be bought with real money or event currency at the same 1:2 cost ratio, so both sets of odds are available whether you take the grind route or the pay one. The question is: do you want to pay more (cash or cheers) for slightly better odds, a specific case version and instant gratification, or for half the price go for slightly worst odds combined with having to wait for a random case to drop? But in the end, whether you buy your case or key with event currency or real money doesn't change your odds, absolutely no P2W or advantage for cash-paying customers here.

  • Re: Who do you believe will get the new obsidian card?

    Since @Mc1412013 has put me on the spot... ;)

    Current Obsidian and unique SE status for the ladies of DB is:

    • Aimee: 1 SE (ReV "Detective" recolor)
    • Aura: 1 Obsidian (regular "Out for Blood" recolor)
    • Guardian: 1 SE ("Pirin" recolor)
    • Javelin: 1 SE ("GhostClip" recolor)
    • Kira: nil
    • Nader: nil
    • Proxy: 3 Obsidian ("Founders" full mesh change + "Out for Blood" and ReV "Culprit" recolors) + 2 SE (the other ReV "Culprit" + Shell Shock "Cyber Eye" recolors)
    • Sparks: nil

    (I didn't count the Logitec SE for Aura since it only affected the weapons. I also didn't count the Alienware and Humble Bundle SE since, even though those are limited series (not released for all loadouts), they were released for all available mercs at the time, so they are not "unique" to one or a few mercs and more on par with older events SE.)

    I would say beside Queen Proxy any of the others would be fair game for an Obsidian Operative...

  • Re: English vs Castellano which is easier.

    English grammar is much simpler if only for two things: no gender (hence no notion of gender agreement for articles and adjectives) and ridiculously simple verb conjugations. Spanish, like all Latin languages, has to deal with genders and full-blown verb conjugations where each person and each tense means a different way of writing the verb (not just adding "will", "did", "would", etc. in front of a fixed form).

    I'm a native French speaker and I'm learning Portuguese for work at the moment and it has given me quite the insight on how hard it can be to pick a Latin language... :/

  • The DB Genome Project - Release 16.0

    A whole new merc joins the fray along with a trio of weapons...

    Version 16.0 release notes:

    • Added all standard rarity and Pirin Pack Special Edition loadouts and skin previews for Guardian
    • Added Hurtsall 2K, Hoigat .224 and stun batons to weapons list

    (@Eox @Kirays please...)

  • Re: Next merc's gender?

    Those nails on the right hand made me vote "female".