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  • Re: With regards to the new obsidian cards

    @frostyvampire I have to disagree with that. It would be a mistake for the future of the game to restrict changes to the cosmetic system on the basic that it used to be extremely painful to get exactly what you wanted. It's like saying that flat screen TVs should still cost thousands of [insert currency here] because that's what they used to cost when they first came out. It's actually part of the normal evolution of many products to be somewhat exclusive at first then eventually more accessible. At first you target early adopters who are willing to do whatever it takes to own something exclusive, but if you want to grow your market at some point you have to aim for a larger audience.

  • Re: Boory's Art and Comic Dump[latest:Nader Artwork, but I put even more effort]

    And if Google ever fails you every single loadout is documented in the DB Genome
  • Re: general question...

    Clown wrote: »
    No one should ever complain about bad teammates until they experience this imo.

    Since he's got only 1 kill, he must have done something useful for those 2.5K XP. Unless he was on defense and only picked up "long defense" bonuses...

    K/D is meaningless if you do something productive while you're alive. Not saying this person did in this specific case, but you can't draw a conclusion with those numbers alone.
  • Re: Defensive vs offensive engineers

    The "defensive" engies can still be useful on offense by denying flanking routes to the defenders or by sneaking through the front line to setup traps in areas the opponents would assume to be safe.
  • Re: Will there ever be a fully customizable loadout?

    mrlong2 wrote: »
    Still, I'm willing to pay as much as 2.99$ or 10,000 credits for a custom card I can choose all the weapons, perks, and camos.
    You're kidding right? Buying an existing Bronze loadout as-is (no customization, you just get to pick the card without RNG headaches) will cost you $3.50 or 17500 credits, why would they give you full-customization for less... :/