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  • Re: Bushwanker's Turret Buff Idea (Or new merc idea?)

    Maybe a bit much for Bush's turret, but certainly an interesting idea for another merc with a lighter turret (or perhaps multiple small turrets so you can setup your own crossfire, kind of similar to OW's Symmetra B) ).

  • Re: Guardian Radius Marker

    Not being able to see the sky shield might actually cause a lot of confusion / frustration. When they see that their explosives are having no effect, some people may not understand that it's because there is an active sky shield out there which they cannot see. Now on the other hand if you keep throwing stuff at the big red dome, you have no one to blame but yourself...

  • Re: Who do you believe will get the new obsidian card?

    @teflonlove said:

    @Mr.Cuddlesworth said:
    SD needs to get out of the Victorian age and show some skin.

    I for one find it refreshing that all the female mercs are clad in something that would seem at least somewhat practical in combat.

    I agreed, I don't think it's a matter of being prude, simply common sense that when you go into combat you want to minimize the amount of skin exposed to scrapes, shrapnel and burns. If you might have to crawl on the ground in an urban environment, a tank-top is not exactly the outfit of choice...

  • Re: double "special" cards

    @Nail said:
    Lotteries don't use random number generators, 6/49 has a finite number of choices, it's not random, random would mean lotto could be 111111

    You seem to equate "random" with "uses a random number generator"... There were random events before there were computers and RNG, and lotteries are the very definition of random events.

  • Re: double "special" cards

    @Nail said:
    you guys still don't seem to understand what "random" means, if the game removes a choice, it's no longer random

    Removing possibilities along the way does not make it "non-random". Look at all the lotteries that use ball machines (as a fellow Canadian I'm sure you've heard of 6/49?): each ball and hence each number can only come out once, doesn't make the whole thing any less random.