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  • Re: New Merc: Merlin

    we need more specifics for the daggers and the explosive daggers as to what damage they deal and their cooldowns'

  • Re: [New Merc] Brute

    @Cordyceps said:

    @Demonic_Muff1n said:
    so its sorta like a laser version of rhino's minigun which does the same dmg as stoker's molotov. idk might sound a bit op for my taste.

    I figured the effects might be a bit powerful, so that's why I decided to add audio cues to his ability, giving enemy mercs time to react, and get out of the way or eliminate Brute before he starts firing. He also can't fire it continuously, just for 8 seconds.

    so now it sounds like a minature version of kira's laser. sounds better

  • Re: Is stoker the new tryhard merc?

    i've always been a stoker main and im not even lvl 20 yet. stoker just suits my playstyle for me with the area denial plays. One thing i see players do is always try to throw the molotov and try and get a cheeky kill just for the lols. This is the wrong way to play stoker, you should use it to block off corridors and tight spaces to prevent the enemy from advancing.

  • Free rotation method

    so i was thinking for the free rotation the devs should put it up to a vote as to what the next group of mercs be for the next time rotation. Which ever top three mercs are voted for they will be on the next rotation. Although those 3 same mercs cannot be voted for the next rotation and will be removed from the next vote (i mean just imagine the players voting again and again for cancerous mercs like nader). Therefore they will have to choose another 3 mercs apart from the previous ones which have been removed.

  • Re: Merc Concept: Cyanide

    ranged defuse and repairing obj's is definitely op, trust me the fans wouldn't take the concept of this merc too well. defusing from a distance is very overpowered on maps like underground, terminal and dome. Also the repairing is overpowered on maps like chapel and bridge. I mean it makes it way too easy, the point of manual repairing and defusing is too test your teams teamwork. this makes it way too easy especially the long ranged repairing on chapel where all you would need is for you to stand at a distance and have a squad protecting you. as for the gas grenade i think 100 dmg in 3 secs is again op. on top of that it negates healing abilities. decrease the dmg of the gas grenade to about 30 hp in 3 secs since it also negates healing factors.