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  • Re: Freezer [Merc idea]

    so the grenade is basically an insta kill for mercs with hp of 100 or below provided that the grenade hits directly? no thanks this needs some nerfs, i mean just imagine doing 50 dmg onto lets say a fletcher (fletcher has 110 hp) so thats -50 hp then per second does 10 hp for 6 secs so thats -60 hp which means fletcher is already dead. Just imagine for proxy, kira and aura who have 80-90 hp.

  • Server browsing

    So i made this thread to address an issue among players in a match. Ok so most of you who has a grip on dirty bomb and has played it a while knows what the server browser is right? so i came to address something that pisses me off quite a bit, and that players end up joining random servers and play with like 300-400+ ping and end up lagging the entire server and creating a bad experience for themselves and for the rest of the players. This issue is most common in newcomers to the game. So i'm assuming you all know how to access the server browser. When looking at the servers look at the column on the right hand side which will show the ping of the server. Pretty much anything between 0-100 ping is playable but after that is when the lag starts to kick in. Also choose servers which are in the same region as you are (i mean that's common sense). Now i don't mean to make a huge rant on how new players @$!# up matches by not using the server browser.

    So please, to all newcomers of this game, please USE THE SERVER BROWSER. So that it can create a good gaming experience for yourself and for others.
  • Re: Merc idea - Worm

    Hmmm, I like the idea, but there are a few things I'd like to say.

    Before anything else, how much health and speed does Worm have?

    Now that's out of the way let's talk about the backstory:
    "Now Zhang is out for blood against the CDA". Does this mean that only the attackers (aka Jackal) will be able to use Worm? Or will he just ignore his bloodlust and work for the CDA as a defender because... reasons?
    If I were you, I'd change up the story just a little bit in that sense. Or you could just rework it entirely since it's not very interesting in the first place. Then again that isn't that much of an issue because a lot of merc backgrounds are quite boring anyways.

    Next up, weapon loadout:
    I am not really a fan of the primary weapons available. I'm fine with the KEK but giving an engineer and M4A1 and a Timik? Engineers shouldn't have the combat advantage in most situations and weapons like those are just too competitive for an engineer in my opinion.

    I'm happy with the secondary weapons though. You don't get to see machine pistols enough in DB but giving the players the option to use the Deagle is a good thing.

    Finally, the melee weapons. "Beckhill combat knife"- alright pretty standard I'm fine with that.
    "Kukri"- I guess I can see that working, there are some situations where a more heavy-hitting weapo..
    -"Katana"- Excuse me? Did... Did I read that right? So you want to create an engineer that has pretty offensive primaries, can detect enemy deployables AND has a katana? I... I don't even know what to say. Really, I don't even have constructive criticism here. Well... let's move on.

    When it comes to the abilities, I really like their concepts but the duration and the cooldown period are way off:

    Jammer: How does the Jammer work? Is it an object you place on the ground that turns of the HUD's in a certain area around it? Does it have an activation period like the Health Station? Or is it just a button you press and everyone in a certain area (or the whole map) loses their HUD? If it is the latter, I'd recommend reducing the duration of the ability to 3-5 seconds since 20 seconds is way too long and the cooldown to about 30-45 seconds. You could basically wipe an entire team in 20 seconds since they couldn't see their health or crosshairs.

    Spotter Program: I have the same questions with this ability. Is it a deployable, is it a button you press? Does it detect everything in the whole map? Yadda yadda. I'm actually ok with the cooldown timer if you are the one performing the ability and not a machine you place down.

    Before I end this rant, I just want to say that Worm would maybe work better as a Recon character rather than an Engineer. If you look at other engineers, their abilities synergise well with their role. Bushwhacker plants a bomb and defends it with a turret. Proxy plants a bomb and protects the routes leading up to it. Anyways, you get the idea. I don't feel like Worm's abilities fit his role that neatly. I'm probably being a bit nitpicky bit I feel like I needed to say this.

    Sorry if I was too critical of Worm, but I really like his abilities and I genuinely want to see something like them in the game. I feel like our ideas could go places and that's why I maybe was a bit harsh.

    Anyways, I'd love to hear back from you and hear your thoughts. Get typing!

    yeah thanks for that overview on this merc, i patched up whatever holes you found in this merc. check it out above, and btw i just removed the backstory cause it's really no point in adding cause it doesn't really affect the game in any way. btw the jammer is just a button you press and same for the spotter program
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  • Re: Merc team composition

    AlbinMatt wrote: »
    Mine is currently Phoenix, Kushwacker, and a fire support. Planning to get Stokes, but many in the forums has disagreed, so I don't know what to do now.

    for me stoker is actually my fav merc cause he is a big help on the team as a fire support as he specialises in area denial with his molotovs. though his molotovs are quite useless in open maps such as chapel, trainyard and etc. in indoor maps though is where stoker truly shines. some people however get quite cocky with the molotovs thinking that they'll get a guaranteed kill everytime. so dont expect too much, only use it as an area denial tool.
  • Re: New event - "clash of factions"

    AlbinMatt wrote: »
    Might need some tweaking in order to prevent people from bandwagoning. Maybe have it so the factions doesn't affect their attacker/defender status, but just have it as an obligatory thing, and make it so players can't switch factions mid-event.

    i agree that would be good