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  • Merc idea - Sabre

    Name: Valentine Rousseau
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: French

    Health: 100
    Speed: 450

    Former GIGN officer joins mercserv for a better paycheck.

    Primary Weapons: M4A1, Hurtsall 2k, Stark AR
    Secondary weapons: DE 50, Tolen MP, Holgat .224
    Melee: Kukri, Stun batons, Stilnotto Stiletto


    Health dispenser - (pretty much like javelins ammo dispenser but offers health instead and works in the same radius as it) This health dispenser dispenses health to nearby teammates at the same speed as sawbonez large health pack (couldn't find specifics on his healing speed).

    Shield charge - Sabre has a shield charge that can grant her a 40hp shield on activation and lasts for 10 seconds or if the hp of the shield runs out. This has a cooldown of 30 secs.

    Defibrillators - you know what these are dont need to explain

  • New event - "clash of factions"

    Im not so sure about the name myself it's just something i got of the top of my head.
    This will be an event that takes place every week. Now as to how this event will work is that the player can choose to play on the side of either the CDA or the Jackals, while in matches if the player has chosen the CDA they will play as the CDA. As to how the system works is that for every match the player wins it adds points towards the CDA and vice versa for someone playing as the Jackals. If you loose a match however you loose points. At the end of the week which ever side wins they will be rewarded, these rewards can be in the form of loadout cards, credits and etc.
  • Re: New event - "clash of factions"

    It's a cool idea! The only issue I see is that Jackals are always attacking and CDA are always defending, so players would always be wanting to do one roll or the other and only in Objective game mode as in Stopwatch and Execution you swap sides halfway through.

    well you see i forgot to mention something about this game mode, is that the players will still be able to play as both sides throughout the matches but whatever matches they win will go towards the faction they've chosen. i hope this clears up any doubts you had about the game mode. (by the way i'm really excited for dockyard)
  • Re: New merc - Storm

    @Bushwanker i did mention his nationality as japanese as for his health and speed i havent really decided on that yet but i would put his health around 100-130 and speed maybe around 430.