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  • Fragments in the Spotlight, but crafting...

    On 2nd September in 2016 the devs posted a video discussing crafting after their massively negative feedback on the system they released at the time. And qoute: "..we're currently working on a design that will incorporate the best of both worlds in one feature"
    Now I know that this is all old news considering that everybody knows by now that they're currently reworking everything about the loadout card system. But the fact that they leaked the new fragment cases got me thinking: Are you guys actually STILL working on a decent crafting system or are you working on something that you can't tell us about right now because it will be a massive change? And if neither why would you make cases for a mechanicthat nobody likes or uses?
    Crafting still sucks there is no denying that. I wanted a decent golden Bushwhacker Card and ithe took me a month to get enough fragments and credits and all that and all I got was the BL81 in bamboo twice and the damn SM71 in bamboo as well.
    So I wanted to ask you guys how important is crafting to you and what are your experiences with it. And if you like it tell me why I am genuinely curious.

  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    @Eox said:
    There's maybe still people around complaining about that unavoidable frag nade, but it's usually predictable to be honest (Fragger retreating behind a corner/not shooting very likely means that you will eat a pineapple up your ass).

    Well we're talking about the same type of people that complains about P2W and invincible mercs (both of which are really really big issues that SD should change in the future because it is makingthe game unplayable ahem).
    But this paragraph pretty much sums up everything I could say about Fraggo.

  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    Well I guess 10/10 triggered
    I even made a joke about it yesterday that the Competetive players will be pretty upset about the fragger nerf.
    I don't really think he needed that nerf considering that he is going to be only 10 HP stronger that the average fire support.
    But a pure raging text about how much the game sucks is not going to change anything and won't make anything better.

  • So now we got weapon skins

    When I first heard about weapon skins I wasn't that excited to begin with considering we already had "Skins" in some way already.
    They would just be expensive, impossible to get in a good quality and sometimes not even worth the effort of getting them.
    Well and now we got them and if I am honest I really don't see a reason to give up my shiny blue Crotzni for a scratched one with a mediocre skin.
    Since I have to go now to defend myself from the massive mob with pitchforks outside my door, what do you guys think of this new... Thing with those skins. And if you like them tell me why, I am really curious.

  • Re: The Forgotten Mercs

    Redeye+buff= sad Vassilli main
    Grandeur+rework= everybody happy :smile: