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  • Re: Updated merc role calls

    Would be kinda cool if they used their new writer to give us like a short animation or comic about Thunder and Phantom stealing their new gadgets. Like Phantom beeing the sneaky and smart one explaining Thunder how to infiltrate and he just ends up doing what he always does: kicking in doors and yelling like hell resulting in Phantom just facepalming the whole time.
    Please let that be a thing.

  • Re: Different Mercs for CDA and Jackal

    Really lore friendly and encouraging to play other mercs but it would also tie certain players to either offence original defense depending on their main. And it would be pretty cruel if you landed on CDA or jackal where you might only like two or three mercs. But it's an idea.

  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    Well I guess 10/10 triggered
    I even made a joke about it yesterday that the Competetive players will be pretty upset about the fragger nerf.
    I don't really think he needed that nerf considering that he is going to be only 10 HP stronger that the average fire support.
    But a pure raging text about how much the game sucks is not going to change anything and won't make anything better.

  • Re: Aimee obsidian

    Aside from them fact that I'm still salty that Aimee got the obsidian, I don't think that the type of tactical dressup with that full bodysuit that reminds me of Resident Evil Revelations Jill fits her character at all. She even says something along the lines of: "Why can't Mercenaries dress with style?" Yeah that's exactly what I'm asking myself when I'm looking at YOUR new full body latex condom. Sorry it just looks weird.
    And btw @STARRYSOCK really good looking fanarts right there.

  • Re: Shitpost

    @CheesyPwn said:
    delete this lmao

    Why are you such a coward. Just because you went for an unjustified opinion and got mostly negative feedback doesn't mean you have to be a chicken and delete your post.
    If you want a hot discussion you get it but don't run away just because you burned your fingers.