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  • Re: about the training here.

    it could be used as a way to preview mercs before buying them, much like how in war thunder you can take vehicles you don't own into a training area for you to test out their weapons and movement

  • Re: Random Ideas I'd Like to See in Dirty Bomb

    maybe the festive proxy mines could have their beeping sound like the jingle bells song instead of the usual beep beep

  • Re: Games you wanna enjoy, but you can't.

    Don't Starve Together:
    A friend gifted me this game last year, I know it's a great game and all but I simply don't enjoy survival games such as these and I find this one to be too unforgiving where at some point recovery is impossible no matter what we do, if I play with other players they do all the work and I feel useless, if I play alone I can't get past the first week.

    Long War 2 (a mod for Xcom 2):
    Pavonis did an amazing work on this mod, it completely changed how the game works, mostly for the better especially on the strategic layer (despite how the infiltration can be annoying) and the new enemies which are very tough especially the muton elites. The one problem I have is the whole meta game changed too, soldier classes are completely different too and I can never grasp their role but what makes it harder to me is the fact there is those skills such as +1 weapon damage, +10 bonus aim when firing at the same target twice, mind controlled soldiers can be instantly executed...etc which make me even more confused about the role of these classes as they are mostly minor buffs instead of abilities like in the vanilla game. Maybe I'll give it another shot this time continuing despite the confusion

  • Re: Muddy's Art Dump 2.0

    That's a pretty good sketch

  • Re: Muddy's Art Dump 2.0

    The face skyhammer seems so oddly familiar...