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  • Re: Games you wanna enjoy, but you can't.

    yeah I understand that feeling, I've had the same happen to me in paladins, the TTK is inconsistent and the support classes can't do sh*t against any DPS dealer or tank. However a lot of my friends play it

  • Re: Shitpost

    "She has access to 3 of the most deadly guns in DB"
    Stark is trash nowadays with the horizontal recoil, BR16 nerfed, Dreiss nerfed too and requires good aim.

    "and a katana"
    If she spanks you with the weebstick you deserve it for letting her get close

    "tHe MemEBeAm iS tOo StRonK !!!1!"
    She needs to stay still for 3 secondes to summon shoopdawoop, making her vulnerable if she does it within the enemies LOS to activate it on top of them, otherwise she'll summon it next to you in which case you can simply run to cover and wait for it

    "She has a Crotzni"
    So does Phoenix, Phantom and Tortoise

    "GrEnADES EveRyWHerE !"
    If she starts spamming grenades like a lunatic there are high chances she'll miss most of them especially at close range, them she'll then be at a disadvantage, if she scores direct hits then she is the one playing properly.

    "Guardian Shield is destroyed"
    Protect it ! that ain't nader being OP, it's the sheild being vulnerable

    "She destroys muh health station"
    That's what she's supposed to do

    how about you forget about that one teabag ?

    "MuH aiMeE GoDLiKE !!1!!"
    There are two possible scenarios here:
    -Nader snuck up on you and shot you with a grenade from the back.
    You deserve that one for letting anyone get close

    -Nader shot a grenade from afar while you were standing still and scored a direct hit on you
    If you let that nade fly at you without noticing I suppose you know who is to blame

  • Re: Is Phantom poping headshots out of nowhere, a fair counterplay?

    @GatoCommodore said:

    @XSheepieX said:
    It's just that nobody cares about nooby Phantoms in pub games. (Or at least I don't) The main problem is that Phantom isn't that great if you are good at him.

    phantom bunny hopping with high ping is more scary than proxy tho.

    hah, just wait untill you see high ping kirakatanas

  • Re: Is Phantom poping headshots out of nowhere, a fair counterplay?

    Are you asking for a phantom nerf ? because all those 'cheap kills' you got are not because of the merc but because of the IQ of your opponents

  • Re: What is your thoughts on Tattoos?

    @henki000 said:

    Perhaps I should tattoo "EXECUTION" to my wrist or fingers, when he solves this ink blob problem.

    Well that's totally not edgy