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  • Re: Merc and Weapon balancing ideas

    for sparks what you suggested is simply bad as it promotes her as a self healing sniper rather than a medic

    for snipers damage if you make it 1 shot kill all the time rhino will suffer too much and to be honest if you put all the snipers in god tier and still buff them, you are really biased

    for thunder his hp is FINE and if you decrease the flash to 1 sec (WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ?!) his ability would straight up be useless as 1sec is NOTHING however cooldown increase i'm okay with

    fragger he is fine except for his gun's ADS being off center

    6 sec for the smokes that last even longer than the cooldown ? are you insane or just biased toward snipers ? as a general rule of thumb: NEVER have an ability's cooldown shorter than it's duration

    only change fletcher needs is his weapon switching programming, you are just asking to nerf him to the ground

    bushwacker could use a buff in his ability cooldown

    making mines invincible for 2 secs would do more harm than good as she won't be able to throw it and instantly shoot it which is her only offensive capabilties (yes, it makes you salty to die from that, but if she managed to sneak close to you and drop her mine she deserves the kill, after all fragger does the same but without having to get 20 centimeters close to the ennemy and he only has to press one button)

    NO DONT YOU F£&#££ DARE TO NERF NADER, nader is fine as it is, yes i agree she can in fact spam her launcher and do a lot of damage but if she does that she finds herself stuck with a 36 sec cooldown, bringing it to 9 sec is too much, skilled nader(it exists) will lead all of their grenade shots and try to do direct hits
    if you call that unskilled you should try landing direct hits againsts moving targets and see by yourself

    tbh an indoor cooldown buff for skyhammer would be welcome

    and finnally you said that stoker was in the bad tier yet you did not give a sollution for him, tbh he isn't BAD as he can completly seal a C4 with his molotov but yes if you are not actively suppressing the enemy they can just walk on the fire as the hp lost will regen in a dozen of secondes, but i would say he is good not bad

    TL;DR: most changes you asked for are bad or unnescesary (sniper buff, sniper sparks,1 sec conc flash,nader nerf(WHY ?!)....)

    there are a couple good ones like the skyhammer indoor buff and bushwacker buff

    but to me you seem completly biased toward snipers, have a good day