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  • Re: Epic Kills 3 Contest - WINNERS EDITION!

    Can I get feedback on what would've made my video better?

    So from what I saw, presentation with the merc and stuff is fun but not really dynamic.
    Your video is to long for me 3/4 min max is better. Try to make it fun but dynamic.
    I mean only quick actions, no 1 kill then run away and after 1 min another kill etc ...
    I saw a lot of reload compilations during the contest, please dont do vidéo with 1 Frag / cut / 1 Frag / cut / 1 frag / Cut .... Nobody will watch it ... It's definitely boring (not for you HonourBound but some I saw here ;) )

    so Quick action (Multi kill, super multi revive, amazing tricks jump, funny stuff) > Next quick action. Don't spend to much time on your editing, keep the video fresh, fun and dynamic. And if you do some stuff like your mercs presentation make it quicker and more dynamic.

    For my videos I spend maybe 30 min for each, just using shadow play in shadow mode (2 min / 60FPS / High quality) and when there is a fun action I record it. Easier to check your rushs. Drop it into your video software cut the part you don't want, add a music, a little bit of Magic bullet looks, a Title and it's done ! :p Video is my work so I don't want to spend to much time on my work tools during my free time.
  • Re: Will Dirty Bomb Survive?

  • Re: BOMBA - HUD

    working perfectly with a 1920x1080 resolution

    Chatbox is botom left corner
    and obituariy bottom right corner

    I use it since 2 years now (Alpha player) and I just can't play without it now

  • Re: 30 Cobalt Cases Opened

    mouhahahahahahahahaha !!!
    I laught so hard !! Are you getting an @$!# ?

  • Re: Dedicated server rental

    1 000 000 % For binaries !!

    - Best for Pub to build a community around some servers.
    - if there is a clan support then link the clan page to a dedicated server.
    - Be able to create meeting points is important.
    - Custom server settings like for TDM pistol only, or shotgun only, etc ... to get some practise

    - Best for comp to be able to change some settings if needed (Mercs limitations, etc ...)
    - Be able to Link a "Team" to a server, & with match making you can play directly on the best of the 2 team server, or directly on your server if the other team don't have any.

    If the DB community is not involved in the hosting process then just forget about building a real and solid community. So think about it and decide it quickly cause is for me one of the main factor for the success of this game. (With maps !)