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  • Re: Which merc are/should be rivals?

    @Mc1412013 said:
    Vasaline vs aimee really bad break up or divorce.

    And Redeye is the murderous psycho father-in-law.

  • Re: Splash Damage make a Dirty Bomb logo drink coaster set.

    @Terminal_6 said:
    I don't understand why anyone would want triangular coasters. That's a lot of unused surface area.

    I'd it's large enough, you've got space for three cookies.

  • Re: DB Toxicity Survey results.

    @emjot said:
    Europe-East? There is no such an option to choose from ranked regions O_o. Am I blind?

    I think there was, but it's just not shown here. I wonder who's more toxic: a gopnik gypsy from Georgia, or my fellow pinoy Indo-Malayan salt dispensers.

    Both regions have had (and currently still had( severe political tensions between each other. Both have racial and religious strife and conflicts. Both are often forgotten and regarded as less fortunate in the global scale.

    This means more would have the incentive to get on board with a F2P title, and have enough fuel to disrespect each other within the same region.

    Are we both the same?

    Edit: wow I need LASIK surgery. Yeah the chart is there, I just didn't see jt.

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  • Re: What is the funniest thing you ever saw in the in-game chat?

    I once had a chat box filled with racists. How do I know? Because everyone spoke in Indonesian, English, Tagalog, and three guys wrote in Hanzi and Cyrillic, with the only two languages I understand being filled with racist epitaphs of varying creativity.

    I hate myself so much for not screencaping that game. Seriously, play in an Asian server if you want to learn why globalization is bad.

  • Re: Merc's bloodtype?

    I> @Xenithos said:

    @Lord_Coctus said:

    @Xenithos said:

    @TheStrangerous said:

    Say, why not give'em more personality WITH DIFFERENT BLOOD TYPES!
    I'm sure Phoenix is B!

    Oh, now we're at bloodtype behavior patterns, just trying to be reasonable here, but you don't think they're real do you? Just think about it, somehow your blood type is supposed to show how you are inclined to act. That's a crap ton of bullhockey. Anyone agree?

    That's why I did Kiras and not my own.

    Someone, somewhere, is going to figure out my bloodtype through this message.

    This chart gives you A

    I actually have no idea what my bloodtype is. And actually, I phrased everything there with the intent of fulfilling the requirements of everybloodtype's behavior. :) 4 of a kind. I'm a martian blooded man. or somtin'

    You know, regardless of whether this whole blood type personality thing is even halfway truthful or not, you really should find out your blood type.