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  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    @TheStrangerous said:
    How the hell am I suppose to go to sleep, when I know a new merc is coming tomorrow?!?!?!

    By drinking cough medicine and overdose on sleeping pills, so you can pass out for a week, jn which time Guardian would hopefully be balanced.

  • Re: No more ranked?

    It's a season end bud. Don't worry, I doubt anyone got their skins or desired rank or whatever. I left this season as a Bronzie Officer with zero skins.

  • Re: So uhh Splash Damage

    Well, at least they got rid of that awkward torquise spots.

  • Re: Which merc should I get? (Fletcher?Phoenix?Thunder or Fragger?)

    @stepover17 said:
    Thanks for the reply guys. This discussion took a while to get validated. Thus, I got fletcher and...... his sticky bomb is hard to use. But I will just stick with him for now since i have to get another 50,000 for another merc. I guess I should get phoenix next, but I kind of want to get redeye for fun next(for some reason.)

    Well, that's a rough one. I would've advised Bushwacker more as an engineer, but oh well. Fletcher is kind of an OPerc in the right hands, being that he's basically an assault class who just so happens to be an objective specialist. Try getting the Blishlok loadout for him as it is a great training gun for newer players. If you can't use his stickies in combat properly, just yse him to deny objectives, or to spawn trap a wave.

    Good luck.

  • Re: some observations.

    @GatoCommodore said:
    how about kira wearing half mask like what rich samurai used to wear

    Were there female samuraii? I'd say pit her in a kimono or something.