[COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance 7/22/2015



  • MissMurderMissMurder Posts: 1,429
    Yep! Try logging out and in. Missions should be fixed now.
  • LancerCZLancerCZ Posts: 3
    After the first game my missions got back :) thanks :) and what about the free merc ? iamon the second page and i didnt get nothing :(
  • Lots of love.

    (Gonna try right now)
  • Yep, everything is nice and dandy.
  • (I was online in the wrong hours, anyway.
    I had the problem, later I checked that it was fixed, in the middle I missed the mercs giveaway .____. )
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • piranha_3piranha_3 Posts: 197
    I noticed on these alterations,
    gun Blishlok: slower sound different and better, not I'm sure more damage seems kill faster
    PHANTOM: it takes longer to have ability to become invisible and katana less damage
    SNIPER: sensor the sound is different and better
    when it enters the server can choose the class
    the game has much better connection this brings better gameplay
    CONGRATULATIONS ,Splash Damage
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