• ZGToRRentZGToRRent Posts: 124
    -Improved server browser performance
    -Added server region to the server browser

    To be honest, none of these things are live.

    I put EU in filter and it shows me South AM or even US servers.
  • SanedroSanedro Posts: 13
    Phantom was the worst idea of devs ever!
    Phantoms get K/Ds like cheater in other games
    every time a Phantom join a server all other player should leave
    no chance, no sense to play

    I thought I found a game which I like to play for years ... but then came Phantom. No way.
  • KangaJooKangaJoo Posts: 313
    edited July 2015
    The shield just absorbs way too much damage. It should help him approach his target, but not give him a free pass to charge headlong into your fire and leave with a kill and most of his health.
    Exactly! This is so annoying. I usually still kill him but a lot of the time he's able to get a slash on me and take me down to really low HP. No other player in the game can do that just by running at you in a straight line without having to aim at all. Stealth mercs should have abilities that facilitate stealthy play, not banzai rushing an enemy in a straight line.

  • def1nedef1ne Posts: 3
    I bought this merc, played him for 2 matches and stopped. Wish I could give back this merc and get another one instead. Way too cheesy, you can charge straight at someone firing at you and still get the kill.

    When I get killed by Phantom, I feel that I am getting out-classed rather than out-skilled EVERYtime. I doubt I am the only one feeling this, and it ruins the game. I see alot of people switch to him when they are losing to change the tide. There shouldn't be a merc like this in this game.
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