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I cant receive the daily reward

Can any ine help me I need gold and rad :((

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  • PtilouiPtiloui Posts: 530
    Accepted Answer

    AFAIK, rewards are already given when the prompt message appears (if it appears). This is why you don't see any changes in account balance after clicking the claim button.


  • In game you cant send rad or gold to any one. For daily rewards, try to reopen the game.

  • Swagger24904Swagger24904 Posts: 16

    I did but still no result it didnt add any credits or rad to my account

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,345

    Make sure you play a match before trying to get your reward


  • Swagger24904Swagger24904 Posts: 16

    Ok I click claim button but no credits

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