Stark stopped firing with unknown reason

i was playing with stark, tried to play with it since i havent use it for a really long time.
it felt like the gun went jammed for a second and then it can fire a burst again.

this is very annoying since you cant really use it at close range and now i cant kill target reliably at long range too because of this.

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  • henki000henki000 Posts: 425
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    I thought it is intended? Something that makes BR better in short range and Stark better at long range. I think you need to concentrate your shots, that way you can avoid "jamming". But now when you say it, it's probably bug.

  • SorotiaSorotia Posts: 1,494
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    I could give it a try later and see if I have any problems, I haven't used it since the nerfs back long ago.

    Edit: I played with the Stark a little...didn't seem to jam for me but I admit I didn't play with it for to it is often enough I end up playing the healer because I hate being without one because everyone has to pew pew.

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  • kirinichiban42kirinichiban42 Posts: 37
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Lol, sorry, bad joke.

    Anyways, I feel like this has happened to me as well. I'm no programming expert, but I feel that the timings between the end of the firing animation and the "trigger reset" (the time at which you can fire again) are not completely in sync. Thus, it's slightly easier to mistakenly click fire before the gun has time to reset fully.

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