The DB Genome Project - Release 20.0

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Introducing Hunter along with his new weapons, as well as a complete revision of all the weapon skins to reflect the new weapon wear scheme (they did not put a lot of emphasis on this in the release notes, but that's quite the overhaul...).

Version 20.0 release notes:

  • Added standard rarities and Special Edition loadouts and skin previews for Hunter
  • Added Ryburn MP and Arevarov pistol to weapons chart
  • Updated weapons cards on all weapon skins sheets to reflect new finishes
  • Added Ranked Season 4 skins on all weapon skins sheets (including those not yet available but included in the game files) and reorganized the sheets to accommodate
  • Added Ranked Season 4 cases A and B to weapon cases sheets

Known bug:

  • The Selbstadt weapon cards are showing a silhouette of the pistol equipped with a silencer

(@Eox @Kirays if you could please do the usual swap... Thx)

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