Your Guilty Pleasure Songs?

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These are songs that I know I shouldn't like (or usually don't), but still do.

  • Congratulations - Post Malone: I don't care for most of his music, but, eh, the chorus is pretty nice
  • One Dance - Drake: I like most of Drake's music, but this definitely isn't one of his best imo. Still enjoy it though,
  • Into You - Ariana Grande: It's catchy, ok?
  • Boom Clap - Charlie XCX: It's really catchy, ok?
  • Anything Vaporwave: I live for the a e s t h e t i c s
  • Bring it Back - Travis Porter: Can't help but do some small headbanging to the beat
  • Gas Gas Gas - Manuel: DO YOU LIKE.... MY CAR?!?!?

I didn't put Linkin Park or Nickelback on here just because I actually enjoy their music, think it is actually good, and am not afraid to admit it.
Feel free to name yours guilty pleasure songs.

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