The New Armory Annoys Me

First off, the filters ALWAYS reset, and I always have to redo them when I want to organize them. Second, when you try to organize it by your favorite cards first, it doesn't show ANY other cards that you don't have favorited. We should just have a seperate section for loadout cards and decks. I don't really use decks, so having a section for that is kind of useless until theres more ways of obtaining skins/trinkets.


  • FalC_16FalC_16 Posts: 892

    Possibility to save filters and also preference which tab opens first > i dont want decks tab open first for instance

  • DjiesseDjiesse mtl.qc.caPosts: 878Special Editor
    edited March 11

    The reset thing is the most annoying thing for sure, but also when you apply multiple consecutive sorts, they should each have their own order.

    For instance, if I sort by rarity then by name, I can get all my cards grouped by merc either from the lowest rarity to the highest starting with Aimee, or from the highest rarity to the lowest starting with Vassili, but not high to low starting with Aimee because the directions of both sort keys are affected by the same up/down button.

    Both of these issues are regressions compared to the old barracks :'(

  • I miss alphabetical order...

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