how to rejoin game?

How do you restart the game or rejoin the game? My frames dropped so I had to restart game, but there is no rejoin button. How do I rejoin ranked game?

It was unplayable and all team suffered, but when I restart the game I can start another game but not join?


  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,451Moderator

    That's a very unfortunate bug. The workaround to it is to close the game from the task-bar.

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    Play ranked otherwise its luck of the draw.

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    I think you guys are missing OP's question, lol

    You should normally get a popup allowing you to rejoin a game. But it'll only slow up once, so if you leave a game and skip past the popup to restart the game, you won't get another chance.
    It'll also expire after a minute or so I believe, so if you took too long to load the game back up, you'll be locked out. Not sure why since there's no backfilling in ranked, and a late player is better than no player, but oh well.

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    Like KirSays you have to close the game from task bar and then restart your pc/game,it works even if you close your internet connection before closing the game (or worked haven't tried it since a month).
    If you dced or exited from the game then you are @$!# up most of time

    Is sad that in RS2 and RS3 there was no bug about this and in RS4 we have this bug since 3 months or even more

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    Write in the console: "exit lobby mode and rejoin the previous game"
    Without the quotes of course :*

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    Abaddon o:)

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