Is there any hope for Recon Mercs's future?!

What gives? No matter how much you either balance snipers or Phantom or Hunter, the golden middle is nowhere to be found...

And one really questions whether they fit at all in DB... so confusing...

You either have god like recons or useless waste of space, depending on who's playing them and balance changes.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but they're banned from comp right?

Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo


  • LifeupOmegaLifeupOmega Posts: 2,056

    They don't fit. We have (had) DBClassic or whatever it was which removed them because people realised gunplay is more fun than babysitting a player who one shots the other team as they babysit their player who one shots your team.

    Doesn't help that military sims and the like have enforced this idea that snipers must one shot at all times.

    Reminder that it's always okay to vote kick a sniper, no matter how well they're doing.
  • watsyurdealwatsyurdeal Posts: 4,805

    Cause everyone just complains but never adapts

    Common complaints also tend be related to "my team sucks", make a merc that capitalizes on bad team play and well......what do you expect?

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

  • everlovestruckeverlovestruck Posts: 461

    I hope they first add the fifth assault and the fifth engi, to make the numbers even

  • K1X455K1X455 Posts: 1,885

    SD is trying to discourage noobs that come from other games to pick RECON thinking that they can OSK with sniper rifles; that's why FEL-IX, PDP and MOA got nerfed. It's different from CoD and CS:GO, but they just can't get the message accross.

    In the game world, DPS really is balanced by things like, Rate of Fire/Recoil Management (Muzzle Flip, etc) , Damage / Distance Mag Cap/Reload Speed, Movement penalty on weapon use. If the DPS numbers vary greatly from one weapon class to another, then you'll get the numbers wrong any which way you balance attempt to balance them on any merc. Of course, you'll need to make exceptions because players can adopt other things such as the merc who use them, places where they are employed or synergize with other game elements.

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