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Name: Striker
Nationality: Mexico
Height: 1.83
Class: Assault
HP: 130
Speed: 430
Striker is a former baseball player who went into crime for years if they passed Striker, enters into a group of assailants who planned to rob a bank the night, the plan looked perfect, when they were finished leaving the bank were surprised by the cops that were waiting for them, Striker and his group entered confrontation with the police, things were starting to get heavy, in a situation of risk Striker tries to throw a grenade at the moment he would play a policeman ends up hitting his hand ends up exploding in his hand, wounded he is helped by the companion and all goes out in there in a stolen car, more are pursuer by the police he tries to leave that situation that were already getting worse in the middle of that rush the tire of the car is hitting and end up flipping and hit the police car that was on their side. After the car overturns Striker and one of his companion they take him from there and manages to escape from the police. Weeks passed Striker weakened by the loss of his hand Right, he lives hidden and trying to recover and someone knocks on the door Striker answers the door and sees a tall black-robed man with a scar on his face the man tells him that he can recover the his arm, if he accepts enter the secret organization, Striker accepted his offer and decided to work for this organization.

Skill 1: Destroyer Attack
Striker launches all 4 missiles on the arm, which is attached to his right arm.
Skill 2: Passive release
Striker launches two missiles the first time the second time the same thing
Skill 3: Ammo Generator
The ammo generator is to generate only his missiles. (To make more sense at the time of the game)

Passive Release Cooling: 15s each release
Destroyer Attack Cooling: 30s

Main Weapons: BR-16, Timik-47 and M4A1
Secondary weapons: Smjüth & Whetsman, DE .50 and Simeon .357
Melee: Knife, Stilnotto Stiletto and Cricket Bat

I get this idea of a game that was playing it is called Ghost and the Shell First Assault, which was very similar to the Dirty Bomb, had a futuristic footprint had much power that game plus the mismanagement of the company responsible for the games gave no value none to the game the marketing was little had little players in him and last year he ended up canceling the game and the company responsible for him is the Incredible NEXON that @$!# for the game. I am indignant that a good game that had everything to be better Steam FPS, went to the NEXON hand.

This based on Batou's used skills in GITS I put a link to a gameplay to better understand how he would be in the game. Make it clear is just an example.
And leave your opinion in the comments
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  • You seriously need to go into more detail with the ability descriptions. The cooldown of an ability is important, and they should be worded so that people can understand what you're trying to say. "Striker launches consecutively all 4 missiles in the arm, which is coupled the missiles". I have no clue what this even means dude. You should be able to describe an ability yourself without needing to show a video to describe the video. And from what the video shows, he just looks like javelin, but with an arm instead of a rocket launcher.

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