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New weapon stat: penetrative damage


It kinda bothers me why only MOA and Fel-IX can penetrate targets. Sure those are analogues of 50 caliber rifles and have to do so, but yet i'm pretty sure analogues of 7.62 and 5.56/5.45 weapons should have some sort of similiar ability.

I suggest to extend the current weapon diversity with this. After bullet colides with an object, it loses some X % damage and starts the damage falloff for it which will reduce its damage to 0 after some Y meters.

*These stats are just an example

Sniper rifles:
-MOA/Fel-IX: reduce damage by 20% and start a 20m falloff;
-PDP/Grandeur: reduce damage by 50% and start a 15m falloff;

-Stationary: -20% dmg & 20m FO;
-K-121/Minigun: -50% dmg & 15m FO;
-MK46: -60%dmg & 10m FO;

Assault rifles:
-Dreiss/SharC: -50% dmg & 15m FO;
-Timik: -60%dmg & 10m FO;
-M4/BR16/Stark/Hurtstall: -70%dmg & 10m FO;

-Crotzni: -60%dmg & 10m FO; (KEK that looks like a 9mm MP-5 seem to have a smiliar mag size as Crotzny so idk)
-Blish: -70%dmg & 5m FO;

-S&W/Simeon: -50%dmg & 5m FO
-DE: -60%dmg & 5m FO
-Caulden: -70%dmg & 5m FO;

-nothing to revifle, shitguns and 9mm SMGs/MPs/Pistols

This mechanic will make standing in line even more dangerous so holding a choke like tunnel will become easier; won't let escape behind a team mate and still cause some damage; hide somebody/something behind deployable ect.

Pretty sure it would be interesting to have some penetratable objects around the map to make use of spotting.

Also judging by recent "Ask the devs" they try different approaches to balancing weapons and this could be another one.


  • henki000henki000 Posts: 458

    Yeah why not. There should be exceptions if you shoot to bulletproof vest or palm. What is the hardness of every material, which bullet is best for punch. And then there should be falloff to penetration, multiplier for dynamic falloff, makes things even more complicate. Good idea, but perhaps not relevant due to amount of work to create satisfactory results. Then every time they release new weapon/merc, they have to consider these parameters.

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,388

    most merc in the game wears level 4 kevlar rated for .308

    Hammock - Oh the Bliss (Reinterpretation) | Far Cry 5
  • woodchipwoodchip Posts: 176

    Actually I think this could possibly be a really good change. Even a 50% penetration multiplier on ARs would produce a few sweet highlights. It would also make the weapons feel more powerful in the physical sense, which is something DBs weapons could use.

  • Moa and felix already have that stats,but in other guns why not?

  • GatoCommodoreGatoCommodore Posts: 4,388
    edited February 11

    @sangrexlol98 said:
    Moa and felix already have that stats,but in other guns why not?

    Other rifles arent that big of a caliber

    MOA and Fel-IX is 12.7mm (.50 cal) anti-materiel rifle

    Hammock - Oh the Bliss (Reinterpretation) | Far Cry 5
  • HadronZodiacHadronZodiac Posts: 326

    Hmmmm I agree, this would make guns feel more fun, instead of just using abilities.

    I think an augment pertaining to this addition would be hella cool too.

    Maybe 2 augments that

    A - Reduce damage fall off per enemy pierced
    B - Increase range before damage fall-off acts

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