Changes we really want to see in Dirty Bomb

  1. Make Ranked available only after level 15.
  2. ‎Do not reward Weapon Cases which are locked because they are just useless
  3. ‎Do not just release a Over Powered Merc and Nuke Nerf it like you did to my boy Phantom
  4. ‎Do NOT rush to release Dirty Bomb 1.0 if you still have bugs and more changes to make
  5. ‎Menu Background music is ear cancer CHANGE IT to something fast paced, it's DB after all
  6. ‎Now words about my boy Phantom:
    • 'Recon' means ability to spot enemies . GIVE HIM THE ABILTY THEN! (Like when you look at a enemy and press E you could show them in your team's HUD just like Vassili's Dot )
    • Increase Katana's heavy melee swing speed as your not swinging a minigun after all.
    • ‎'slighty' increase the movement speed
    • ‎Any type of armor does not make a sound especially not as loud as a freakin JET ENGINE either decrease it or remove it
    • ‎Make him slightly less visible as that currently he can be spotted by even a blind bloody Merc
    • ‎I have a play time of 300 hours with phantom so do not say even a word and most of the points are inspired by Dazz
  7. ‎Weapon skins sometimes look like spilled colours on a gun which is @$!# FIX IT
  9. ‎Bettet server selection and v say UI as they look ancient
  10. ‎ Give us a chance to buy weapon cases during the events atleast with the event currency just like Winter Holiday

    IloveDB. KEEP BOMBIN !

    I really took my time to type all this...


    1. yes
    2. YESSSS
    3. I would take Javlin as an example but you do you. (Though Phantom didn't need the nuking treatment like he did)
    4. agreed, 100%
    5. Background music could be improved, but it is not exactly a priority of bugs and new content
    6. missing knowledge Phantom rework is coming, initiate hypemachine.exe
    7. I feel ya fam
    8. it ain't, believe me. It is hard, but possible.
    9. I know the V menu will get a rework down the line
    10. Wouldn't be opposed to that, so yea. Good stuff
  • OMG Dude your hyped reply really made me LOL also I forgot to mention 1 point (my bad)
    11. Crafting logic does not make any sense because in reals if I am gonna craft up something I would definitely know what I am doing instead of GETTING A PHANTOM WITH A CRICKET BAT ( rip my 25000 and need to grind again)
    Great reply though (still LMAO)

  • JigstrawJigstraw Posts: 15

    getting cobalt on the assault course is definitely possible, I did it before achievements and trinket rewards for it were added, and then again after that update as well. I honestly think they should make the requirements for silver and gold higher because I got gold on my first try at the assault course without even trying. Cobalt is the only one that takes any real effort, lol.

  • teflonloveteflonlove Posts: 543
    edited February 10

    @kaboombomberz said:

    You might find this helpful. It essentially walks you through every corner of the course.

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