Phantom worth playing?

So i was recently thinking about buying phantom. My question is that is phantom really worth playing as or should i skip out on him?


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    No!, phantom should be the last merc you buy, he is not useful at all in competitive and he is only good when playing against people who are below level 10. He is quite hard to play because experienced players will see him even if he is using the cloak. I would recommend buying Pheonix, Bushwaker, Proxy or arty rather than him. Try him out next time he is on free rotation, if you like him, you should buy him.
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    Phantom was the 1st merc I unlocked "admittedly because I could not shoot a Rhino in the ass from 5m away".People hate Phantom just like people hate ALL recon.Unless you are on the top of the board even the scrub healers with 1000xp on the 2nd round of stopwatch will tell you to switch and "help the team".If you want to play Phantom because you want to cut motherfuckers down with a sword get a Kira she is a better suited for the sprinting into battle and die playstyle you're looking for.Phantom is a "shark on land w/ a gun " he makes buttholes pucker and raises the overall blood pressure of anyone that hears that sweet stealthy sound.The Shield/Cloak is a tool that ignorant teammates don't respect because it's hard to see it work. Med stations and sensors don't really do anything right?A mine, sticky, turret has never stopped your team from completing an objective? WRONG they are always there and they can all disappear with a Phantom.
    Phantom in Ranked.... I use him ...for about 45secs to escort the engi thru the minefield the 4 proxys have turned the map into then I look at the respawn timer <5s hit K .

    For more help with Phantom please stay off Youtube and ignore any advice/thread seeming toxic in nature or you will never build the self confidence needed to play Phantom.
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    I think Phantom is my least successful merc. I have all the mercs and have played with Phantom over 15 hours, making it my 11th played merc. Learning curve with Phantom is something different. I have seen bad performance and average performance. Especially in those aura station disable situations it shows its best appearance. But I have never seen a great undefeatable phantom, like those great fragger/sawbonez combo that we have. Perhaps it is because Phantom isn't so popular in long term pick. Sure everyone wants to try cloak, but failed hide attempts quickly alienates first impression. It just feels so wrong to play so differently than other mercs and there will be strange deaths. Usually you think you are hidden, but then if you aren't, you get played pretty badly. It might work as a best pick, if enemy team uses a lot of deployables like aura stations or sticky bombs. But it requires a lot of skill and patience to master hidden tactics.

    You should buy all the mercs, my first merc to buy advice would be sawbonez. But dont play phantom too much, because it might make you too defensive and you might play solo more often.

    "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles... if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."- Sun Tzu

  • I actually main as Phantom. He is a VERY hard to play merc. His disable helps a ton tho, but once you hit Silver+ he becomes incredibly hard to play... Seeing as he is too slow (They owe him 10 speed) To Rush enemies Like Proxy kinds of speed and his cloak was Nuke Nerfed to the ground he just doesn't work... I mean I play him anyways..... Go round behind the whole team then Take out the Squishies... Phantoms job is to make it so your team has less deployables/Medics to kill.

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    Phantom can be a very difficult merc to play, especially if you're trying to mainly use his Katana. When playing him there are two main things you should remember. The first is that you are not completely invisible. There will be a shimmer where you are, and it's more prominent when you run. The second thing is that you have GUNS. A lot of people prefer to use only his Katana, but there will be a lot of time where using your guns is much more effective than using the Katana.

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