Clan & Team Trinkets

I think clan trinkets is a great idea who would buy a trinket of a clan there part of. I am the LHR Leader and i have a had multiple members say they would definitely buy a trinket of the LHR and these are coming from people that haven't bought anything from the dirty bomb store before.

For example the LHR is 120 Members strong so is it worth 1-2 hours of work to earn a minimum of $360? I'm sure a lot of other people will find the clan emblems/mascots cool and it will bring the community together.


  • Da_MummyDa_Mummy Posts: 221

    Than again what gives you a privilege over other clans to get your own trinket.
    No offence just as kind of an example. Imagine them actually including this in the game and some other Clan that you never heard of like yours trulys I can imagine you would be pretty pissed about it.
    Neat thought though just not in practice.

  • Steam Workshop trinkets? Every team/clan can make their trinket.

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