Hi guys.Ive just started to play this game and i need some advices as a beginner.I would appreciate if any of you would be kind to give me some advice about this game.Thank you!


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    Welcome! :)

    I will not write down a tutorial on how to deliver your team with much needed supplies because presumambly you are already aware of that.

    Instead I would like you to have a look at these two things.

    Spawn timer

    There are two timers located at the top left corner of your screen.

    The first one is straightforward: It tells you how much time is remaining until the current match or half ends.

    The second one is the spawn timer. Whenever you die you are placed into the spawn queue. The duration for how long you will be stuck there spectating your team-mates is dependant on the spawn timer. In order to complete the objective and progress through the map you'll want to put your enemies into the queue for as long as possible. In stopwatch, the competitive mode, the timer is synchronized for both sides, that's not the case for objective mode. If you are stuck in a precarious situation and the timer hasn't reset yet press k to suicide.


    It's possible to long-jump. To perform it, first sprint then press ctrl and spacebar. Upon landing you receive a slight speed penalty, however by combining it with wall jumps that penalty is negotiated and you traverse an area quicker than just by sprinting through it. It can also be used to execute trickjumps.

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    Also some things that people might expect from you to know or do. If you do them congratulations here is your golden sticky star you're a real mercenary man and if not... well that's why I tell you about them.
    1. Repairstacking: so this should go without saying but recently I have been seeing people upwards of level 10 doing it. If their is already someone repairing DO NOT try and repair as well. As long as you're not playing Proxy, Bushwacker, Turtle or Fletcher you will not be repairing it faster. So if you press f on the objective and you see a blue message pop up that tells you that somebody's got it covered just go back to shooting people.
    2. ALWAYS Try to use your abilities: As said by @Kirays you know your abilities. But I should probably ad that you should always use them for the good of your team. As long as you put your team above your kills and own survival nobody can blame you for anything. Keep in mind nothing is worse than a medic that doesn't revive or a Skyhammer keeping his Ammopacks for himself.
    3. Team composition: 1 or 2 medics, 1 or 2 fire supports, at least 1 engineer, and 1 assault. Always try to keep that balance and if you see that you're missing a medic or two don't be that guy that just sticks to his merc no matter the situation. I promise you even if you can't aim (like your's truly) as long as you heal your team, provide them with ammo or try to do the objective you are doing good.
    4. Don't be irritated by ragers: every game has it's fair share of bad apples and sadly DB is no exception. So if you get yelled at by some tryhard fragger that has no regards for fun and a relaxed game, don't pay him much mind. Everyone needs to learn and take it from me it's a rewarding way. If he insults you for not getting 360 no scope headshots or whatever just ignore him and if he goes even as far as trying to kick you, well than he just spared you the rest of the match with him :3 .

    Other than that stay positive and take constructive advise as much as you can.

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