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hey guys i have an idea for guardian that can make her alot more viable and better. if a player is in her sky shield they gain a constant slow hp regen/tough effect and guardian herself has a permanent tough effect on her, and reduce her revive glove cool down and make it so everyone in the circle gets revived so a player that is bugging into a wall can get revived. i hope you take some of these things into consideration for a possible guardian patch

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    The health regen is OP.
    Sorry but this dome can go through walls and it would make Aura kind of unnecessary.
    Guardian would just need to throw it on the battlefield and all of her team members just get a massive advantage in a firefight.
    As for the revive those fixes to her AoE revive have been made multiple times and I still agree.

  • I agree, thiss would be so OP and the amount of xp she would be getting is MASSIVE

  • Maybe instead of a constant healing aura, it just shortens the time it takes for automatic health regen, like what the Tough augment does, but even faster.

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    i forgot to write some things in the original so i edited in then just now ;)

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    I feel like the dome should be able to disable any enemy deployable that's in the dome for the duration that it's up. Alternatively, damage resist could be an interesting thing to toy with. She can't heal, but reducing damage taken could be an interesting way for her to Support.

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