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Since the middle of the autumn of last year, I have been consistently losing the battle for the battle. Before there were victories and defeats, the rank as grew, so it happened and fell, it is normal. But now, no matter how I play, even typing more points on points, my team still loses. Those few victories happened only against completely unskillful opponents.
This is not a bad luck, it's a bad job of the algorithm for distributing players on teams.
I'm tired of this nonsense and stop playing an unbalanced game.

In the game, you could see me under the nickname Loky.

Начиная с середины осени прошедшего года я стабильно проигрываю сражение за сражением. До этого были победы и поражения, ранг как рос, так бывало и падал, это нормально. Но сейчас, как бы я не играл, даже набирая по очкам больше других игроков, моя команда всё равно проигрывает. Те немногие победы случались только против совсем неумелых противников.
Это уже не плохая удача, это плохая работа алгоритма распределения игроков по командам.
Я устал от этой ерунды и прекращаю играть в несбалансированную игру.

В игре вы могли видеть меня под ником Loky.

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    Гугл переводчик иногда красивый. Мой муж этот переведет.

    Google Translate is beautiful sometimes. My husband will translate this!

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    For those that dont read Russian:

    Starting last autumn, I started losing game after game. Before this, I had both wins and losses and my rank used to go up and down, that's normal. But now, no matter how I play, even when I'm getting a higher score than other players, my team still loses. Those few victories I had happened only against completely inexperienced opponents. This is not bad luck, this is a really bad way the player/team matching algorithm works. I'm tired of this crap and I've stopped playing this unbalanced game. You can find me in game as Loky.

    Should clear a few things up.

    And yes, we know. Matchmaking needs work.

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    currently, i dont even play matchmaking because its just plain bad.

    i get paired with 4 under level 10 and the other team gets 5 level 20+
    im a level 91 but i cant win the game alone since the other team kept gang up on me

    nice thing about Asia is that there are no casual MM

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