New Ask The Devs Video: 9th January

MoobabesMoobabes Posts: 23Moderator, Developer

Hey all,

This week we go in-depth with Aim Punch, Toxicity in game, old Obsidian skins and Dirty Bomb's full release. This week's video is a must watch:

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  • XenithosXenithos Posts: 1,698Special Editor

    Thanks for the update...
    Also, you said "AND SUBSCRIBE" at the end... instead of "PLAY DIRTY"...
    Naw. Nevermind. It was nice to thank me for playing your great game and asking me to subscribe instead of that weird playyyy dirty.

    I don't care how much you've played or how good your aim is - If you haven't touched the game at least twice in three months then I see your "opinion" as hot moot.

  • MelinderMelinder Posts: 738

    Toxicity in the community? As if you'd want to put a stop to DB-Cam the Eradicator of Chimps.

    Eradicator of Chimps

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