New Dev Video: No More Lead Poisoning

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Hey all,

2017 has been a busy year, but we're only just getting started..

Dirty Bomb News Post:
Community Spotlight - 'Carol of the BLADE' by Dazz3601: 

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  • Poor Rhino in the thumbnail.... I sense deep hatred from DB team.

    "Rhino was a mistake" Shoe.

    Dirty Bomb = Lawbreakers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

  • B_MontielB_Montiel Posts: 1,087

    @stayfreshshoe Lag issues : LAG is LAG, its not FPS related.

    Pretty much everyone in Europe gets above 50 ms ping on Stockholm servers with regular lag spikes and warps, no matter where you're located. They're definitely the worse selection possible for any European player right now.

    And guess what ? When playing ranked, if you're in West EU, there's a high chance you'll be mixed in with east EU players, and those Stockholm server are still the best average, ruining the experience for everyone.

  • PtilouiPtiloui Posts: 481

    @TheStrangerous said:
    Poor Rhino in the thumbnail.... I sense deep hatred from DB team.

    "Rhino was a mistake" Shoe.

    Even the card picture cries :"Oh no.. Why me ? Please ! Grab the iron on my left instead"

  • PorkyPersonPorkyPerson Posts: 144

    The skins on the faces of the new default cards look like bronze (Woodland). It would be a shame if they were actually identical to the same bronze loadout.

    I was hoping the default cards would remain the default (Default) skin and you would keep the lead (Dirt) and iron (Galvanized) skins available as new branches of bronze or silver. I think dirt and galvanized look better than woodland.

    Definitely in favor of the change. Leads and irons have needed to go since the new crafting system went in. The default loadouts are pretty reasonable choices, also. A few mercs even got my favorite loadouts.

  • So when is this happenign ? i seam to be gettign more leads in a row than ever before

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