Castle is.......

...beautiful. But not great. Casual 6v6/7v7 considerations:


  • Trick jumps and alternate access via jumps are great. I see lots of inspiration in map design
  • Aesthetic assets are put together beautifully. The map is great to look at and feels very interactive, clearly a lot of time was spent on the look and feel
  • Probably one of the only maps that feels like an infiltration when attacking


  • Map feels very attacker biased but seems very defender biased.
  • The first and last seconds feel very defender biased. It's hard to break enemy control while attacking due to there being so many corners. It's hard to send explosives in and break the defense.
  • EV pushing is impossible to defend. There are a lot of great hiding spots for defenders but attackers have a huge line of sight advantage over defenders, and the corridor is a little too small which makes it hard to see around the EV
  • The map itself is way, way too hallway oriented. There are few open spaces to fight, and those that do exist are surrounded by walls too large to get over. Then again.. this may have been the entire point of the map

I feel that the walls that aren't immediately part of enclosed spaces in the castle need to be shortened, and the open spaces need to be larger in square footage. There needs to be more space for air and artillery strikes to take down the EV. Sight lines for attacking snipers are way too good when pushing the EV; defenders have little to hide behind when coming into view, versus attackers which have plenty of boxes to duck around to get crosshair advantage.

Maybe I'm crazy. I like looking at the map and exploring it, but it's rough to play.


  • Last section needs a 3rd exit , possibly down the far left from defenders spawn , maybe have the last generator open the route ? as it is its 2 easily camped exits from spawn meanign your trapped.

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