INIT Squad: Open for Recruitment!

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INIT Squad: Open for Recruitment!

Want to have reliable team mates that will always have your back in?
Feel like trying to solo-queue in ranked gets you nowhere?
Fancy having some general banter when in the seemingly-endless queue times?
Are you decent at Dirty Bomb ?

Maybe the INIT squad is for you!

Made up of a bunch of people from across the globe, we are a group of friends who enjoy both having fun in casual and putting our game faces on in competitive.
Currently, we are looking for members who will reliably be online, on Teamspeak, and contribute to our currently small squad.

What we do:

  • Queue together in Casual mode.
  • Rank up during ranked seasons.
  • Play as a unit and not as individuals.
  • Participate in community tournaments.

Requirements to join:

  • Over level 20.
  • Must have Teamspeak to become a full member.
  • Must play Dirty Bomb a couple times a week.
  • In classic Dirty Bomb fashion, Don't be a Dick

Even if you don't fit all the requirements, add me at and we can talk!
All players will be screened over a week period (minimum) to check suitability. Even if you aren't accepted initially, stick around long enough and your dedication won't go unnoticed.

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