Untrusted system file. WTF?


I have this error, when i join server every 4 sec fps frops. After 5min it exit game and show this.

RIP Dirty Bomb - Balance, Gameplay > NEXON BETTER!


  • Considering this beeing an older post I don't know if this is still helpful, but this

    is an issue with an application provided by AMD (probably you graphics card) which is an application to provide better dual screen support and productivity.
    To fix this problem, try killing the process "HydraDM.exe" in your Task Manager.
    If this doesn't fix it you can try switching to the tab "services" and close the end the "hydradmh.dll" directly. Considering this is probably caused by a programm related to your Graphics Card it might have messed with Dirty Bomb what caused the massive frame drops.
    (As a last fix you can try right clicking the game in you steam libary > properties > local files > verify integrety of game cache)
    Hope it helps to some extend.

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